Nitto Exo Grappler Tires

Nitto Exo Grappler Tires

The Nitto Exo Grappler AWT is now 20% Off Plus Free Shipping. The Nitto Exo Grappler AWT is an all-weather tire, designed for those who use their vehicles year round, on the street and off road in the summer on dirt, mud and gravel, but also in the spring and fall in slush and water, and in the winter on snow.

Nitto EXO Grappler AWT Tires achieve all weather performance not only through the use of advanced rubber compounds, but in the tire design itself. The tires feature stone ejectors, and a tread design with reinforced center blocks and counterbalancing pitch, for a quiet ride.

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  • Durable Compound - A special mix of natural rubber, high strength polymers, and wear resistant materials aids cut and chip resistance on unpaved gravel roads.
  • Sidewall Technology- Staggered shoulder blocks provide biting edges for off-road traction in loose dirt surfaces
  • Variable Pitch Tread Blocks - Reduces tire noise at highway driving speeds
  • Gear Shaped Block Edges - Reinforces center tread blocks for a stable contact patch
  • Winter Performance - The Exo Grappler's sipes and large lateral grooves provide biting edges as well as water and snow/slush evacuation
  • Stone Ejectors - Spiral shaped stone ejectors serve to reduce stone retention, as well as stone drilling
Nitto Exo Grappler Articles (2)
The Exo grapplers are some of the most reliable off road tires available on the market. These tires are designed to handle most off road terrains. This makes them economical as there will be no need of getting new tires after every off road adventure.They are not just designed for off roading as they can still be relied upon for use on snow or wet conditions.
The Three Peak Mountain Snowflake rating, of course, is what sets this tire apart from previous models because it has been designed to handle hardcore snowy terrain