Monster Wheels Articles and Reviews

Kyle Busch of Monster Energy Wins in Richmond
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Kyle Busch has been having a good winning streak in the NASCAR Nationwide Series ever since partnering with Monster Energy. The winning streak continued in Richmond during the Richmond International Raceway. Busch went to this race with high hopes and was not disappointed finishing first after 250 laps. This was the best event for Busch having led in every lap from start to finish in his No. 54 Toyota Camry.
Kyle Busch of Monster Energy Finishes Second
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Kyle Busch and his monster energy went to Watkins Glen with high hopes during the August 9 Nascar Nationwide Series event. The qualifying round was not so bad for Busch as he secured a third place start position that was promising for him. This race turned out to be eventful for Busch and his team members and in the end he finished second behind Marcos Ambrose.
Monster Energy Brings On New Extreme Athletes
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Monster Energy adds New Extreme Athletes. In Baltimore, the police are constantly trying to shut down urban dirt bikers who wheelie thru traffic on unregistered motorcycles. Their moves are unlike any other riders in the world and they rarely wear helmets. Naturally, the energy drink Monster figured this could be a great new attention to their team. Read more about Monster’s updated team roster HERE.
Will Monster Energy and Kyle Busch Go Down as the Greatest Racing Team Ever?
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Are Monster Energy and Kyle Busch the Greatest Racing Team Ever. In 2012, Monster Energy made the biggest signing of the racing year by agreeing to sponsor Kyle Busch. The move gave Monster Energy the driver that they needed to prove that their company is a top notch competitor. But how good is Kyle Busch? Will Monster and Kyle Busch end up going down as the greatest racing team of all-time? These are all questions that will be answered in the upcoming years. Read the full article here.
Monster Energy Wheels Bring Excitement to the Dub Show
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Monster Energy Wheels Bring Excitement to the Dub Show. Everybody knows the infamous Monster Energy Drink. But how many people know about the splashes that they’ve been making inside of the auto industry. One of their latest and coolest ventures is the Monster Energy Dub Show Tour. At this event, they showcase all of their latest products and custom cars, all while making sure that everybody is fully entertained with concerts and parties. Come check out more about the Dub Show Tour here.