Mickey Thompson Tires Expands Its ET Drag Line with Two New Tires

Mickey Thompson Tires have been around for over 50 years and are used on a wide range of vehicles on the strip, track, street and off road. The versatility of these tires makes Mickey Thompson one of the best aftermarket tire manufacturers in the world. The company’s tires come in different styles and designs to ensure the there is one perfect for our driving needs. These different styles may range from the aggressive off road tires to the low profile street tires.
New mickey tires

To ensure it keeps up with changing times and needs, Mickey Thompson recently introduced two new tires to its portfolio. These new tires are just additional sizes to the popular ET Drag line and the ET Drag Pro Drag Radial line.

New Sizes for the ET Drag Tires

Mickey Thompson expanded its very popular ET Drag line with some new tires for all you drag racers out there. The ED Drag line tires fall under the Mickey Thompson strip tires and have been very instrumental in the success of Mickey Thompson. The new tires in this series are the 31.25/12.2-15W tires. These tires have stiffer sidewalls that make them perfect for stick shift and high horsepower applications. This means that you can push them to the limit on the track without having to worry about anything.

New mickey tires
Jason Moulton Product Development Manager, Mickey Thompson said, "The new 31.25/12.2-15W is the next innovation in our 'Big Tire' series. These tires are engineered for today's high horsepower race cars and clutch setups developed with our proven race tire technology." Mickey Thompson established the Big Tire Development Program back in 2007 to ensure continued developments in the drag race industry. ET Drag tires are engineered with superior materials for maximum traction and handling.

ET Drag Pro Drag Radial Tires Get Bigger

In addition to the new sizes for the popular ET Drag line, Mickey Thompson added new sizes for the ET Drag Pro Drag Radial tires. The company introduced the 29.5/9.0R15, #3058R tires to take over from the current #3056R tires. These tires are perfect for the Stock Eliminator class competitors as they last longer and offer low rolling resistance.

New mickey tires
Regarding these new sizes, Jason Moulton said, "Stock Eliminator class racers will love the new 29.5/9.0R15. These tires have been engineered for quick, consistent ET's and longer life with little or no burnout required." Mr Moulton is very right when talking about these tires as then ET Pro Drag Radial have been engineered for automatic transmission vehicles for such conditions.

By: James Langston
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