LED Lights Are Now Being Used By the Military

LED Lights Are Now Being Used By the Military

What Are LED Lights?

Since the early 20th century, scientists have been fascinated by the prospects of Light- Emitting Diodes, aka LED lighting. The reason LED lighting has become so popular is its ability to produce so many variations of light, including powerful white beams that duplicate daylight. LED lights have been used in everything from laser pointers to advertising to aviation lighting, and of course, now it’s being used for automobiles.

military truckHaving LED lights helps soldiers see roadside bombs and ambushes.

Military Interest

Over the past 20 years, automotive manufacturers have been investing more money, time, and energy into research on LED lighting with the hope that these lights would soon be the standard lighting systems for all trucks and cars. The movement picked up even more steam in 1998 when the U.S. Army’s Tank Automotive Command (TACOM) got involved. TACOM invested millions of dollars with private companies, especially Truck-Lite, in hopes that the LED lights would be perfected and produced in high quantities. Today, there have been over 300,000 LED headlights that have been sold to the U.S. Military!

military soldierIt’s important to provide our soldiers with the very best LED lights.

Why Did the U.S. Military Invest in LED lighting?

Unlit Roads

The military believed that LED lighting was a necessary investment because of the dangers that many soldiers face on the unlit desert roads of the Middle East. Every year, it seems that we hear dozens of reports about roadside soldier fatalities. This happens because they are so vulnerable to ambush attacks and roadside bombings. By having LED lights that can make nighttime darkness appear like daytime, the obfuscated roads open up with light and give soldiers the ability to defend themselves.

Longer Life

Another reason that the U.S. Military has been so eager to get LED lights is the life span of LED lights is significantly higher. How much higher? Well, LEDs will last for over 25 years, or the entire lifetime of a vehicle. This means that soldiers will not have to worry about having to pull over in dangerous terrain to change the typical incandescent headlight.

Author Tom Berg writes about this problem and says, “Planners figure every vehicle blows one of its cheap 24-volt incandescent lamps once a year. Replacement lamps have to be kept handy, and soldiers are distracted by the need to remove blown lamps and install new ones. This must be done quickly, or the vehicle is less than 100 percent mission-capable- a major impediment in an organization that demands ‘operational readiness.’”


LED lights are obviously better for a truck or automobile, but they also cost a great deal more. Of course, money isn’t a factor when it comes to the safety of our troops; the military budget was over 1 trillion dollars last year! But, what about people at home? Well, don’t let the cost of LED lights fool you. Even though LED lights cost more initially, they do last for over 25 years and could save drivers auto accident related expenses.

led lights Rigid is one of a number of companies that sell LED lights at 4 Wheel Online.
Since 1998, the military has been one of the major consumers of LED lights. More and more civilians are now following the lead of the military (much like they always do when it comes to innovative products) and are buying LED lighting from the dozens of companies that are producing them. Maybe, it’s time that you take a look at them too because when it comes to quality and safety, no one should be left out.

By: Tim Snyder
Posted on September 16th, 2013
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