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This is the place to get LED lights for your truck at the lowest price possible. We offer a wide range of lights in many shapes, but the Truck LED Running Lights are the most popular. We also offer LED Light Bars and Off Road LED Lights. Longer LED bars are perfect for mounting over the windshield. The low amperage draw as compared to traditional halogen bulbs make them much more efficient and far less of a burden on the vehicle electrical system. Another advantage for trucks is that, when off road, they can stand up to continuous pounding of rough trail conditions. Waterproof? Yes, truck LED lights feature a much higher resistance to water than traditional lights. They are the new choice in lighting, imagine never having to change a bulb, never having to replace a light. Truck LED lights are built to last a lifetime, with most rated for 50,000 hours or more! If you find a lower price anywhere give us a call!

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LED Truck Lights Articles and Reviews
LED Truck Lights That Perfectly Suit Your Truck
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While many people go for the convectional traditional lights, purchasing the LED Truck Lights will give you added advantages. Firstly, these lights are more efficient in terms of amperage draw as compared to traditional bulbs. This helps you have an easier time when it comes to electric system control. Secondly, these lights are built to last. While your truck may carry heavy road or go through rough terrains, these lights will remain in perfect shape for the longest time. Additionally, these lights are water proof.
LED Truck Lights
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- Originally invented in 1962 by brilliant scientist Nick Holonyak Jr., LED lights have emerged as the premier lighting source in many different venues, including trucks. That’s because LED lights are the perfect tool for truck owners that need sustained, top notch visibility. If you want to find out more about all of the benefits of LED lights, click here and check out our in-depth article.
Four Places to Fix LED Lights on Your Truck
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- Today, drivers like to mount extra lights all over their vehicle. Well, if you’re planning on doing this, it better be with LED lights! LED lights are way more efficient and will help to save you a ton of money. But where are the best places to mount them? Well, we have 4 areas that we recommend that would be beneficial for your truck or SUV. Check it out here.
Why Should I Get LED Truck Lights?
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LED Truck Lights are becoming a popular choice. If you’re out driving at night, it’s important that you provide yourself with the very best lighting because there are a lot of dangers out there. Today due to their power, efficiency, and durability, LED lighting is recognized as the premier lighting systems available. To find out more check out our article, “Why Should I get LED Lights?”
Truck LED Lights Can Prevent Sleeping at the Wheel
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Truck LED Lights have many benefits. There has been a number of recent studies that have linked LED lighting to the suppression of melatonin, the compound in our body that causes sleep. Grabbing LED lighting for your truck could help to keep you safe from falling asleep at the wheel.
LED Lights Are Now Being Used By the Military
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Since 1998, the military has been very involved in the funding and production of LED lighting. LED lighting has become so efficient that now over 300,000 LED bulbs have been sold to the military. Luckily, this product is also available to the general public here at 4 Wheel Online.
truck led lights
  • Pro Comp Light Bars: Pro Comp's SEL Series truck light bars are completely waterproof and shock resistant. These two features alone make it the ideal solution for mounting lights on a truck's bumper or virtually anywhere else and not have to worry about it breaking. Combine it's shock resistant and waterproof benefits with a lifetime warranty and dual purpose beams and there is nothing else on the market that can compete.
  • Rampage Tailgate Light Bar: Rampage Tailgate truck Light Bars are the perfect solution for adding extra visibility to a truck's rear end. Not only do they increase visibility to other drivers, they are also great for seeing more when reversing. Rampage's tailgate lights are universal and can be mounted to any truck or SUV.
  • Rigid Industries truck LED Lights: Rigid Industries is known for their extremely bright light bars with farther viewing distance than the competition. The original "E" Series light bars come in a variety of sizes to fit any type of bumper, hood, scoop, or roof. Rigid's lights offer features such as instant on, 50,000+ hour lifespan, polycarbonate lenses, and more!
  • VisionX Solstice, Xmitter and Reflex LED: Solstice: The Solstice Series uses 10-watt LEDs to achieve the the hightest light output for the housing. Xmitter: The Xmitter Prime Bar achieves the farthest lighting distance in the Vision X lineup. Reflex: The Reflex Bar is the most compact and light weight 10-watt LED bar from Vision X
  • PIAA Truck LED Lights: PIAA leads the market with LED Bulbs and Lamps that provide extremely low power consumption and super long life. Standard bulb fittings for easy installation and up to 6 LEDs per bulb for ultra High Intensity.