Kumho Tires Sponsors the Grassroots Motorsport Challenge

Sometimes, in order to get innovative, people have to get back to the basics, back to the grassroots. No matter if its music or some wildly inventive automobile, people only reach their creative peak when they are stripped of all other distractions. Kumho Tires knows this to be true and that is why they’ve been a proud sponsor of the Grassroots Motorsports Challenge for each of the past 4 years.

The Grassroots Motorsport Challenge, which was initially held in 1999, originated under the direction of the highly popular Grassroots Motorsports Magazine. The basic premise of the challenge is for teams to build an automobile without spending more than the designated salary cap (which is always equivalent to the year of the competition). From there, these cars then compete in a series of competitions that include:

  • An autocross competition
  • A quarter mile (.4 km) drag strip time trial
  • A Concours D’elegance- which is essentially a contest to see who produced the most ascetically pleasing automobile.
Each year, the event pulls in hundreds of head-turning vehicles. According to the official Kumho website, “Everything, from a Richard Petty tribute Honda Civic and a Corvette with active aero to a VW Bug worthy of “American Graffiti” have showcased their skills at this event. Also seen- and absolutely welcomed- all crapcan racers from the 24 Hours of Le Mans and ChumpCar World Series.”

Last October, all of the competing cars were built for less than $2013. This year, the budget has gone up 1 dollar to $2014. Of course, the extremely low budget is an attribute that is essential to the heart of the competition. Andrew Nelson, who has competed and won numerous awards at the competition, loves the creativity and skill that is necessary to compete in this competition. He says, “This is one competition where money doesn't win.”

For Kumho, this competition represents everything that is great about their company. Over the years, Kumho Tires has gathered countless honors, some of which include:

  • Winning the 2010 Tire Manufacturing and Design Innovation of the Year Award at the Tire Technology Expo.
  • Being awarded the $500 Million Export Trophy
  • Being annually ranked in the top ten of the world tire market
Kumho Tires has accomplished all of this in just 50 years. And during that time, they’ve always taken great pride in providing elite level products at an affordable price. This is a trait that they also see in the Grassroots Motorsports Challenge, which is the reason that they’ve been so eager to sponsor the event. Harry Choi, the president of Kumho Tires, says of the Grassroots Motorsport Challenge, “It’s grassroots events such as this that really bring out the passionate automotive fans and we are excited to a part of this community.”

Posted on February 18th, 2014
By: Tim Snyder
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