Jeweler Transforms Super Swamper Tires Into Art

Most serious jeweler spend their days designing elegant earrings with roses and whimsical dolphins  for woman to wear with an evening gown, but that’s not how Brian Bergeron likes to spend his days. Bergeron, a well-known jewelry maker, spends his afternoon creating radical looking jewelry for car guys (and girls). His most popular designs include pendants and rings that are inspired from the tread patterns of popular tires.

In 2002 Bergeron, A graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology in the School of American Craftsman, started creating “car jewelry.” He started by designing six standard tread patterns that included race tires, mountain bike or dirt bike tires, into rings and pendants. However, he started to get requests for custom tread patterns.

“Super Swamper Tires wre by far our most requested tread design,” says Bergon.

Creating Super Swamper Tires Jewelery

As many off-roaders know, the Super Swamper Tires are one of the most iconic tires in the world. A gearhead doesn’t even need to read the print of the sidewall to recognize the tread pattern of a Super Swamper Bogger tire. Yes, they are that distinguishable.

A few years ago, Interco Tire Corportation, the parent company and creator of Super Swamper Tires, contacted Bergeron about collaborating on a design that would immortalize the design of the tires. Bereron says he was excited about the opportunity to create jewelry that would be appreciated by the automotive community. After coming to an agreement on the copyrighted tire design, Bergeron started to roll out the Super Swamper line-up on his website. Today, the rings can be custom ordered depending on what size and metal a customer desires. According to Bergeron, the rings and pendants can be made from a variety of metals including, gold, silver, cobalt, palladium and platinum.

Bergeron admits he has had to deal with copycats and imitators trying to undersell his designs online, but is confident that his creations are the best quality “tire tread jewelry” on the market. All of his work is copyrighted, available for exchange and can easily be cared for and cleaned.

Bergeron’s jewelry experience doesn’t end at tires, though. His impressive career as a jewelry maker includes having shipped his work to customers in all 50 states and 12 different countries around the world. He has also worked with other fine artists in making the Kentucky Derby Trophy and the MLB Home Run Derby Trophy.

About The Super Swamper Tire

Interco Tire Corporation, a Louisiana based company, has been producing Super Swamper tires since 1970 when it introduces the first 78 series Full Traction tire to the public. Since then, Interco has used that original design as a draft for all its off-road tires, including the timeless Super Swamper Bogger Tire.

For a longtime, off-roaders have referred to the Bogger as the “Mother of All Mud-Tires.” Its original tread design was inspired by the paddles on a riverboat, which is fitting considering how well the tire performs in wet terrain. The deep voids in the tire make it perfect for deeper mud. The tires are extremely durable, too. All Super Swampers are puncture resistant, tear resistant and a stiff sidewall that breaks in easily.

Super Swampers are usually the best compromise between mudding and rock crawling that still giving your ride a sleek look. One of the most useful qualities of a Super Swamper, though, is the ability to have a top-notch performance tire that you can use on the street. Most off-roading tires that are aggressive get shunned from a D.O.T. approval, however Super Swampers are safe to bring on the highway as well as the mud hole.

If you’re interested in Brian Bergeron’s timeless Tire Rings ®, you can visit his website HERE. For the best deals on Super Swamper Tires, visit 4WheelOnline or call 813-769-2451.

By Sean Bowes
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