How Modern Technology Boosts the Efficiency of Goodyear Tires

Technology is a core component of tire manufacturing. It is through new innovations in technology that additional features are added to Goodyear tires to make them worth every buck spent on them. The results for Goodyear customers have been tremendous. With Goodyear, you get tires that can prevail in any season, be it is winter, summer, autumn or spring. In addition to this, Goodyear tires are made to work on a variety of automobiles. These include SUVS, Light trucks, big trucks, race cars, farm equipment, earth moving machinery and more. Most manufacturers end the list at passenger cars and SUVs/Light trucks. This is why the company is ranked as the third largest tire manufacturer in the industry. To get there, Goodyear tires are made with certain construction techniques that make them stand out.
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Run on Flats

The importance of run on flat technology can never be understated. This technology allows a punctured tire to keep going for at least 50 miles at 50 miles per hour speed without losing form. This is made possible by the reinforced sidewall that the tires are made with. However, the technology works on vehicles that have a tire pressure monitoring system. This system enables you to know when your tire has experienced a puncture and thus you can be aware when the Run Flat technology has started to operate. Run flat technology is featured on various Goodyear tires including:

Eagle® F1 SuperCar® G:2 ROF

Ultra Grip® SUV ROF
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Excellence® ROF

EfficientGripTM ROF


Dupont Kevlar technology

Of course no driver wants to anticipate a puncture every time just so that they can see their run flat technology put into action. The aim is always to avoid punctures in the first place. To achieve this, Goodyear has fitted its tires with Dupont Kevlar technology, which strengthens the sidewalls to resist punctures. This technology also reduces noise to make your driving experience as quiet as possible and gives added strength to the tire as a whole.

Rolling Resistance

Friction can be a good thing and a bad thing. With higher friction against the road surface a tire is running on, you may end up utilizing more fuel. This fuel is used up trying to beat the resistance of your tire treads against the road instead of moving the car forwards. Fortunately, Goodyear is aware of this and has come up with a means of minimizing this resistance to save you some gas money. With the Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max tire, rolling resistance is reduced by 27% to give you better fuel efficiency while driving.
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Treads and Traction technology

While rolling resistance lessens your tire’s resistance to forward motion, you still need your tire traction to be at its best. Great tread design enables this to happen. Goodyear makes its tread designs with vehicle type in mind. The Assurance Fuel Max tire for instance has the Wet Tread Zone design profile which streams water away from the tire’s trajectory to make its stable. On the Eagle F1 Supercar tire, a multi radius tread design allows the tire to give accurate handling while wearing evenly. You can alternatively opt for the Wrangler Duratrac tire from Goodyear on your truck or SUV. This tire possesses Tractigroove technology which gives enhanced traction on deep mud and snow.

By: Sean Bowes
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