Heavy Duty Snatch Block & Shackle

Mile Marker Heavy Duty Snatch Block & Shackle

Dominate the outdoor road with Mile Marker Accessories. The Mile Marker Heavy Duty Snatch Blocks features a 24,000lb rating and use grease fittings to provide less friction while pulling. And it is easy to connect Mile Marker Recovery Straps and Mile Marker Heavy Duty Snatch Block with the Mile Marker Heavy Duty Shackles. The Mile Marker Heavy Duty Shackles are intended for use with winches rated 6,000lb and higher. All Mile Marker Accessories are meant to be used and abused in the roughest condition. Conquer the off-road paths with Mile Marker Heavy Duty Snatch Block and Shackle. Shop Now.

  • Heavy Duty Snatch Block: 24,000lb rating. Uses grease fitting to provide less friction on pully rotation. Multi-purpose.
  • Heavy Duty 3/4 Clevis Shackle: For use with winches rated 6,000lbs and greater, connects straps and snatch blocks together.
ATV Snatch Block, 8,000 lb. Rating
  - MILEM-60-50105
Price: $106.28
Sale Price: $79.18

Heavy Duty Snatch Block
  - MILEM-60-50085
Price: $177.08
Sale Price: $131.92

Shackle-5,000 lb. weight and over
  - MILEM-60-50086
Price: $96.93
Sale Price: $72.21

Snatch Block 20,000 lb. Rating
  - MILEM-60-50083
Price: $155.73
Sale Price: $116.02

Snatch Block, Heavy Duty 30,000 lb. Rating
  - MILEM-60-50185
Price: $182.42
Sale Price: $135.90

Snatch Block, Military Grade, 24,000 lb. Rating
  - MILEM-60-50085
Price: $177.08
Sale Price: $131.92