Get the Stylish Look of Lund Tonneau Covers without Breaking the Bank

Lund tonneau covers, also referred to as Lund truck bed covers are made of hard ABS plastic caps that roll-up to cover the cargo on your truck bed. The main purpose of these covers is to streamline the truck’s appearance while camouflaging the storage space on the truck bed. Most Lund tonneau covers fall under the hard top category that are preferred by most drivers as they allow easy entry to the cargo box.
Lund tonneau in use

Lund tonneau covers come in many different designs ensuring there is one for every driver. This has helped the company’s covers stay relevant and popular on the market among many truck owners. Some of the most common tonneau covers under the Lund brand include:

Genesis Seal & Peel Tonneau Cover

The Genesis seal & peel tonneau covers do exactly as their name suggests. Their seal is much like the Glad Zip-Loc bag as it is a closure/attachment system. Unlike traditional snap tonneau covers, the Lund Genesis Seal & Peal opens and closes much easier. This cover is also easy to install with the whole process taking 20 minutes or less with no drilling involved.

The Genesis Seal & Peel requires no tension adjusters as it easily retains its standardized tautness at all times. Just like with other similar covers, Lund offers a lifetime warranty for this product as long as the vehicle is still owned by the original buyer.
Lund tonneau in use

Genesis Snap Soft Tonneau Cover

The Genesis Snap soft tonneau covers are full featured snap tonneau covers with black frames. They are easy to install taking less than 20 minutes and do not need any drilling during installation. With the snap soft tonneau cover, Lund is offering a lifetime warranty for both the tarp and rails. This just shows you how confident Lund is with the cover.

Genesis Tri Fold Tonneau Cover

These are made with double-sided tear-resistant materials for maximum strength and durability. The Genesis Tri Fold tonneau cover is a low profile bed cover that is designed to give your truck a low profile look in addition to protecting your cargo. The low profile look also improves the overall aerodynamics of the truck, reducing drag and improving fuel economy.
Lund tonneau in use

This cover folds easily allowing you full access to the truck bed. This is possible thanks to the clamp-on system which has in built tensioners for an all year round tautness. There is no manual effort involved here and you will be able to open either the front or rear part of the cover without any difficulties.

By: James Langston
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