Flowmaster Exhaust Get its Right

Different road users including ATVs, trucks, muscle cars, SUVs, street cars and others have unique exhaust needs. Since its inception by Ray Flugger in 1983, Flowmaster Exhausts have mastered exhaust technology, providing products that will meet every driver’s performance and sound needs. The company has three plants and the most modern research and development facility in California, where for years it has excelled in innovations to fine tune exhaust tones without compromising on horsepower. This has resulted in their 5 exhausts kit series which produce varying sounds ranging from mild, moderate, aggressive, to very aggressive. These are:

American Thunder Series

This series can take any ordinary vehicle and transform it into a sophisticated machine, with a powerful roar and marked performance improvements. The American Thunder exhaust also provides increased throttle response and fuel consumption. Flowmaster attributes these upgrades to their use of mandrel-bent tubing, which results in excellent flow of the exhaust gases.

American Thunder Pro Series

Using the special advanced Laminar Flow Muffler Technology, the American Thunder Pro Series gives you that much coveted deep, throaty rumble of the American Thunder but with a distinctive tone. It also ensures bigger horsepower gains and increased efficiency.

Outlaw Series

If you are looking to turn heads with your exhaust, this is the Flowmaster Exhaust for you. This series is a popular race car exhaust, with high performance levels and aggressive interior and exterior sounds. Its applications can also include off road vehicles, where noise levels are not such a big issue.

dBX Series

The dBX series contains great aftermarket exhaust systems suitable for streetcars. It is smaller than the other series and has a classy brilliant stainless steel finish. With a reduced resonance, its sound is a bit mellow but still bears an unmistakably unique Flowmaster tone. The dBX is great for drivers who require a quieter interior but also want to experience the performance gains.

Force II Exhaust System

This is Flowmaster’s most mellow toned system, designed specifically for street driving where noise pollution is a concern. It is made with wider tubing, reducing resistance and consequently sound. While you are still able to enjoy better performance levels, this system’s mild tones will ensure a comfortable ride for yourself and other road users.

By fabricating all their systems on chassis dyno, Flowmaster ensures the highest quality exhaust kits. All components are tested by their team of experienced engineers, guaranteeing perfect fits for vehicles of all makes and models. You can also get separate exhaust parts such as mufflers, heat shields, pipes, catalytic converters and headers from Flowmaster. Because exhaust upgrades are some of the most common vehicle customizations, getting the right exhaust kit or component for your car can make the difference between a noisy splutter and a finely tuned roar.

By: James Langston
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