Exhaust Systems & Kits Manufacturer Articles and Reviews

Borla Articles and Reviews
Borla strives to produce exhaust systems that are a perfect balance of tone, appearance and of course performance. Larger pipes are not always better, they can deplete the energy by allowing the velocity and temperature to slow and cool. Also, pipes with the sole virtue of size can create undesirable low frequency drone in the vehicle cabin. With a well designed Borla Exhaust, the sound stays at the tailpipe where it belongs. Borla products are designed so that they are easy to install yourself, so buy any Borla product for your vehicle and you know that you are getting the best.
Corsa Exhaust Articles and Reviews
CORSA Performance is the number one in the market for premium exhaust system through its very own advanced engineering and innovation. Utilizing CORSA's patented RSC® technology, CORSA continues to improve the driving experience delivering powerful Sport, Touring and Extreme sound styles and noticeable performance gains giving you more pleasure of driving in your vehicle. CORSA entered the Corvette market in 1998. Since then, Corsa has engineered the most advanced exhaust systems in the world. Each exhaust system is custom made to deliver exactly what the vehicle and the owner need.
Dynomax Exhaust Articles and Reviews
For more power and a superb sound from your engine, there is nothing better than a Dynomax exhaust system. Available in all stainless steel, every Dynomax exhaust system is engineered to produce the greatest flow possible. The Dynomax exhaust system is also designed to fit in all of the original OEM mounting locations. Available for many makes and models, the Dynomax exhaust system comes in the Ultra Flo or the upgraded Super Turbo System.
Gibson Exhaust Articles and Reviews
Gibson Exhausts are designed to create huge gains in horsepower and torque. Most factory truck exhaust systems don’t deliver the performance they claim, but a new Gibson Exhaust Systems will actually increase the outflow of your engine and improve performance. In addition a Gibson Exhaust will look great on any truck. Gibson benefits are not just looks and power but for those who tow a great exhaust can help increase the pulling power and make towing easier on your engine. Gibson is MADE IN THE USA!
Magnaflow Articles and Reviews
For over 30 years, Magnaflow has been a market leader in truck and car exhaust systems. Magnaflow's products are proudly produced within the USA and cover everything from direct-fit converters and cat-back systems to universal mufflers and builder's kits that will help you design a custom exhaust system. If you are looking to add some power and speed to your car, check out everything you need to know about Magnaflow here.
MBRP Articles and Reviews
MBRP all started with one product: the now famous B&B Eliminator. This went on to become the best-selling performance snowmobile silencer of all time. Now, MBRP brings customers some of the best and most powerful aftermarket accessories for trucks, cars, jeeps, and snowmobiles. Check out 4 Wheel Online’s articles and reviews about MBRP’s great exhaust systems here.
Flowmaster Exhaust Articles and Reviews
Flowmaster is known of the unique design that gives the real essence of American muscle without sacrificing the power and performance of the vehicle. From the deep, aggressive tone of the Super 44 ™ to the quiet and subtle, but unmistakably rich Flowmaster tone of the 70 Series™, Flowmaster family of mufflers offer the right application of performance and sound.