Floor Mats & Liners – A Buyers Guide

messy mats

Sick of your floors looking like this?

Floor mats and liners can make or break the look of your cherished vehicle. Mud and snow, oil, dirty tools, supplies, pets and the kids can leave the inside of your truck or SUV in a real mess. Floor mats and liners are easy to clean and they keep your carpets protected and looking like new. If you want your ride to look as good on the inside as it does on the outside, a set of quality mats or liners is essential.

Aries Automotive has long been specializing in steel, rubber and ABS plastic products for trucks and SUVs. Its range of OE floor liners is constructed from a blend of synthetic and natural rubbers providing durability and flexibility. Aries’ latest offering is the revolutionary 3D floor mat; comprising a waterproof top layer, shock absorbing and sound insulating middle layer and grippy bottom layer that won’t slide around. The 3D is also very competitively priced.

CargoLiner is for people who love pets as much as they love their vehicles. Each liner is hand-sewn for a virtual OEM fit and the ultimate in pet comfort. Constructed from heavy duty vinyl, each liner is color-matched to the vehicle’s original interior and comes in either floor liner or full cargo liner specification. CargoLiner’s covers are pricier, but they certainly help a vehicle hold its value.

Aries' 3D floor mats are very tough and durable

Husky Liners has been leading the way in custom fit cargo liners for 25 years and is regarded as the premium provider of floor liners and heavy duty mats. Originally designed with the outdoorsman in mind, Husky Liners are incredibly tough and will protect your vehicle from mud and snow during the harshest weather conditions. Easy to clean and coming with Husky’s lifetime warranty, Husky Liners deserve serious consideration.

husky cargo

Husky has been a leader in floor and cargo liners for 25 years

Nifty/Lund. Nifty is a name long associated with dependable floor protection, although its name is now changing to Lund in deference to parent company Lund International. The Nifty/Lund Catch-All is made from OE-grade carpet for a plush look and feel, but with built-in stain resistance and deep channels to catch debris. The carpet Catch-All is slightly more expensive than the Xtreme, but for that real carpet look and feel it’s definitely worth it.

Nifty/Lund’s Cargo Logic cargo liners are moisture, mildew and stain resistant. Exceptional quality at an exceptionally low price, the Cargo logic is ideal for people with kids, pets, or both, who regularly find the back of their SUV needs a major cleaning.

Nifty/Lund also offers its Pro-Line carpet range. Each carpet is pressure-formed to fit your vehicle’s interior with the precision of an OEM carpet at a fraction of the OEM price. Pro-Line makes your vehicle’s interior look brand spankin’ new!

rugged ridge

Rugged Ridge’s liners are tough and easy to clean

RBP or Rolling Big Power is one of the biggest names in the custom truck world, and if you take pride in your ride then only RBP will do. RBP’s logo floor mats look awesome thanks to the plush black carpeting with bold RBP logos in the middle of each. Backed by a grippy rubber liner, the logo mats won’t move around the cabin, so those cool RBP logos are always on display. When you have to have that real custom look it has to be RBP.

Rugged Ridge is the #1 Jeep aftermarket manufacturer, also renowned for producing top-quality products for other truck and SUV brands. Rugged Ridge’s ‘Deep Tread Technology’ floor liners are precision engineered liners that perfectly match the contours of your vehicle and are made from OE-grade thermoplastics for unrivalled durability. Rubber nibs and self-sealing floor hooks keeps the mats firmly in place and when they need a clean just lift them out and hose them down. Guaranteed to withstand even the toughest usage, Rugged Ridge’s liners are worth every cent.

By John Bone

Posted on August 16th, 2013
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