Nifty Floor Mats and Nifty Floor Liners

Protect your investment. With Nifty's custom-molded floor mats and rear cargo trays, today's cars, sport utility vehicles, vans and pickups get the protection they deserve - without sacrificing style. Designed to withstand the wear and tear that weather and work can dish out, Nifty products not only enhance vehicle appearance, they keep your vehicle looking great year after year. Simple, quality products — that's the Nifty difference.

Nifty Products has brought us 2 different styles of Truck and SUV floor mats and Truck floor liners. The main difference between the Nifty Catch All floor mat and the Nifty Catch All Xtreme mat, is that the regular Catch-all is made from an OEM style carpet to match the factory carpet and interior while still being a tougher material and easier to clean and protect your original carpet. Where the Catch-All Xtreme is made from a non-slip rubbery surface to protect from those extreme situations like grease, mud, snow, and other elements that will never come out of a carpet. These Xtreme floor liners are still created in different vehicle specific colors to keep the original appearance.

Nifty Cargo Logic is an amazing product from Nifty that will eliminate the worry for keeping your cargo area clean. These cargo logic cargo liners are a perfect way to keep your cargo clean, and when it gets dirty its as simple and hosing it down and drying it off. All Cargo Logic truck and SUV cargo liners come in the perfect size and color to match the interior of your vehicle.

Replacement carpets can be a hard item to come by without going straight to a dealer, but that was before Nifty their premium protection replacement carpets. These carpets are made for specific vehicle to keep a consistent color interior. If you ruined your original carpets before placing a Floor Mat or Floor liner over them, be sure to check the full line of replacement carpets to fix the mess. All replacement carpets are pressure formed which makes for an easy install, don't mess around with all those carpets that need to be glued and cut to fit.

Nifty Catch-All, the original and most standard Nifty product was at one time the most reliable, and best floor mat on the market. This floor mat is custom fit for all vehicles, and is made from a Vyram material to resist any dirt or particles of any kind that came in contact with it. Nifty Catch All floor liners come in multiple colors to choose to match your current interior.

After the success of the Nifty Catch-All floor mats, Nifty decided to take it one step further and make the Catch-All Xtreme for those who attract even more dirt. For construction works, petroleum drivers, snow plow vehicles, or anybody that feels a regular catch all won't do the trick. These Catch-All Xtreme floor mats come in OEM style colors so they won't stand out. These Catch-All Xtremes are made from a rubbery surface to protect from anything.

If you are looking for a Cargo Liner to match your interior floor mats and floor liners, Nifty has you covered. The Nifty Cargo Logic cargo liners come to match all Nifty floor liners. The Nifty Cargo Logic Liners are made to fit perfect, including the extended walls for maximum coverage. No other cargo liner compares to the Nifty Cargo Logic.

Nifty replacement carpet is the greatest thing to come from Nifty for those who are too late in getting a floor mat. Replacement carpets can usually be a real hassle to install, but Nifty has created pressure-formed carpets to perfectly fit your vehicle. No glue or scissors or any other tools are needed to install these carpets. If you have already messed up your current interior, Nifty will help replace them at ease. Be sure to add floor liners after wards to prevent those stains in the future.