Extang Is the Number 1 Selling Tonneau Cover Brand

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Why Get a Tonneau?

Tonneau Covers have emerged as one of the most popular aftermarket upgrades for truck drivers, but why? The reason is that Tonneau Covers have proven to be a worthwhile investment in a number of categories.

  1. The Gas Mileage- Because of a truck’s unique design, there is an inherent drag that will slow the heavy duty vehicle down and decrease fuel efficiency. Obviously, most of this drag and wind resistance is created by the truck’s bed. Picking up a Tonneau cover will decrease this resistance and help to improve the fuel efficiency of your truck

  2. Security- By adding a Tonneau Cover, truck owners can rest easy knowing that the tools they keep in the back of their truck have an extra layer of protection. Many Tonneau Covers even have a lock that makes it even more difficult for thieves to steal.

  3. The Weather- Snow and rain both have the capability to cause rust and weigh the truck down if it’s allowed to pile up and sit in the bed. The answer to this problem: a Tonneau Cover. Tonneau Covers will help to keep rain and snow from piling up in the back of your truck bed and help to keep your truck looking fresh and new.


Currently, Extang is the number 1 selling Tonneau brand in North America. This has happened because of Extang’s relentless pursuit of excellence and quality. Each of their Tonneau Covers is designed with strength and pragmatism in mind, and this approach is what helped them come up with the “No Damage, No Drilling, Clamp On” strategy. This strategy helps keep their products easy to use while still delivering everything a driver could ever need from a Tonneau Cover.

Also adding to Extang’s excellence is the variety of variations they offer. Extang delivers the largest line of Tonneau Covers amongst aftermarket manufacturers, which helps you to save time when searching for something that will match your needs. Extang provides this wide variety because they are constantly keeping the customer’s needs at the forefront of their mind. They are so competent that in 2004 Extang was awarded with the Frost Sullivan Market Leadership Award. After winning, Extang released a statement stating their business principles and why they believe they have stayed atop the industry; it read, “It is how tonneaus operate and look, and how easy they are to use, that differentiates the leader from the followers.”

One thing’s for sure: Extang is definitely the leader in the Tonneau industry.

By: Tim Snyder
Posted on October 25th, 2013
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