Distinguishing Roll N Lock Tonneau Covers

Roll N Lock covers are secure, versatile and rugged retractable tonneau covers that are popular with many a truck driver. These tonneau cover pack a variety of features that make them trump other tonneau covers without trying. For example they give your cargo utmost security since they are built from aluminum. They still maintain the generally preferred look of a smooth tonneau cover since the aluminum material is vinyl laminated.

Not only does this kind of construction guarantee your cargo’s safety but it also guarantees a long working life span for the tonneau cover. Aluminum is known to have properties that resist the most common damaging elements to tonneau covers such as heat, rust and mechanical impact. But even with these basics covered Roll N Lock offers its tonneau covers in two distinct models which each vary in their own way.

Roll N Lock E-Series

The E-series tonneau cover from Roll N Lock combines all the great features of an easy to use tonneau cover. To begin with, it is set up through a clamp on installation which basically means no drilling for you. It also has an auto positioning feature which allows you to lock the cover completely onto the tailgate or partially in a way that it can still be accessed without the need. In addition to this the Roll N Lock E-series is remote controlled by a push button remote that lets it open or close in 9 seconds. It also has an emergency manual operation mode which allows you to open the cover yourself if you’re in a bit of a hurry. The cover featured automatic lighting which invaluable when you need to access cargo item at night.

Roll N Lock M-Series

The Roll N Lock M-series tonneau cover has most of the abilities and properties you will find in the E-series. These include a unique construction that makes use of vinyl laminated aluminum, compact housing and a built in tailgate lock. The M-series tonneau cover is also able to lock in incremental adjustment due to the multiple latching positions that it is assembled with. However, in contrast to the E-series’ remote control operation, the M-series has a more manual operation technique that makes use of a pull on strap fixed at the center of the cover’s frame.

Roll N Lock Cargo Manager

In addition to these highly convenient retractable tonneau covers, Roll N Lock offers an optional accessory for cargo; the Roll N Lock Cargo Manager. This is a bed divider in the form of a meshed metal frame that is attached to any of the three inch locking intervals of Roll N Lock tonneau covers. This allows you all the liberty to choose how to divide your cargo. It gives you a cleaner and better organized cargo management system that keeps different types of items such as clothes and tools from mixing.

By: Sean Bowes
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