Dick Cepek's Competitive Tire Qualities

Like other of road legends such as Mick Thompson and Malcolm Smith, Dick Cepek has been instrumental in the growth of off road racing across the world. The winner of several off road championships was even indicted in the Off Road motorsports Hall of Fame in 1978. But prior to that he started Dick Cepek tires in 1963, same year that Mickey Thompson started his tire company. The company has grown to be one of his most memorable legacies and it has contributed to the successes of many modern off road drivers through the tough quality tires it produces every year.
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Dick Cepek tires are built for maximum traction. This is attained by the self-cleaning lugs and side biters that feature on the tire’s surface. These side biters allow the tire to shove off sand trail as it passes over deserts and the self-cleaning lugs leave the tire free of sticky mud chunks which could easily slow down movement. As a result they are ideal for off road racing in both muddy and dry environments. They also have extra sipes in the lugs which make them handle water surface much more effectively.

Radial Technology

Radial ply construction is an tire manufacturing approach that has revolutionized the performance of tires. And in off road racing it is just what was needed to produce winning race trucks. Most tires had incorporated cross ply technology before radial technology was developed. The latter has several advantages which Dick Cepek tires apply to their engineering standards.
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In radial ply tire, the cords beneath the tire surface run in a parallel structure from lip to lip. This allows the cords not to come into contact with each other as the rubber meets the road hence avoiding any internal resistance that may slow down the tire. The result is greater fuel economy and speed.

Aggressive Tread Blocks

There are a variety of tread block patterns that can be found on Dick Cepek tires. But overall they all have thick and aggressive lugs that are meant to chip away at the ground in order to make the driving experience more even. The Cepek Crusher for example has a simple two lug pattern running across the tire shoulders. One lug however on each parallel pair of lugs is siped to add an asymmetrical tread pattern that increased traction.
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The overall aggressive tread pattern on each Cepek tire grants it the ability to work well in all kinds of off-road conditions. Dick Cepek has however categorized each tire series to work in different types of terrain like a boss but with additional benefits. The Mud Country tire series is evidently for muddy terrains. The Trail Country work amazingly in both off road trails and highways, the Fun country delivers a quieter ride on the off road zone and The Cepek Crusher is ideal for rock crawling due to its super durable rubber.

By: Sean Bowes
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