Brilliant Tread Designs by Dick Cepek Tires

Dick Cepek started off a line of tires that have revolutionized the off road driving industry. At a time when there are myriads of off road tire brands, some of which were established by famous off-road drivers like Dick himself, the need to offer something truly remarkable is intense. This is why Dick Cepek Tires condensed their all terrain options into two easy to pick choices; the Trail Country tire and the Fun Country tire. As you might already have noted, each is named and designed to purposefully perform in various terrains. Part of that design mindset means including tread profiles that do the job perfectly.
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Trail Country Treads

As earlier mentioned, the Dick Cepek Trail Country tire is an all-terrain tire. It is an economical option if you frequent various terrain categories in all sorts of weather. For the less competitive off road driver, it’s a great recommendation. It has a unique 5-rib design which produces aggressive off road capabilities. You will notice that it does away with a center rib formation thus singling itself out as a traction tire that is meant to help you smoothen out the roughest of trails. Its all-terrain purpose means that its tread profile has to include features for noise reduction and this is why the shoulder blocks are curved and patterned with shallow grooves.
 Dick Cepek tire

Fun Country Treads

Another all terrain tire option to consider from Dick Cepek is the Fun Country. This is a more aggressive model with extra trail beating features. The Fun Country consists of wide, lateral grooves on its tread zone that are deeply offset. The tire itself is wider and this affords it more stability and traction. Aside from the offset grooves, the Fun Country tire contains stone ejector ribs and very thin sipes on it to keep gravel and stones from sticking onto the tire. This is a feature that is extremely useful for races in dry rocky spaces.

Jeep Wrangler with Dick Cepek tires
The sipes are present on the sidewalls as well to protect the tire from elements that may reach this level. On the shoulders, the tire is notched and has scalloped ribs which prevent the lugs from tearing while optimizing traction. If you thought the tread designs on the Fun Country were too aggressive to be quiet, guess again. These three rib tread patterns are configured with a computer optimized pitch sequence to cancel out the noise frequencies they emit. So, yes, you can have your cake and eat it too with the Dick Cepek Fun Country tire.

By: Sean Bowes
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