BackRack Headache Racks
Three Light Frames

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BACKRACK Three Light Headache Rack Frames

BackRack Three Light Frame Features

  • Function & style for today's trucks
  • Unrivaled Quality & Durability
  • Quality American Steel
  • Park in your garage or underground
  • Carry ladders & long loads
  • Fleet friendly truck racks
  • Mount lights or accessories
  • Compatible with select tonneau covers
  • No drill on most models
  • Secure cargo quick and easy
*With proper installation hardware available HERE.


The BACKRACK™ Three Light Rack combines strength, functionality, and protection with added visibility. All BACKRACK™ Cab Guards are built using American made Hot Rolled Pickled and Oiled steel. This scale free material protects your truck’s finish and ensures scale will not peel off.

BACKRACK™'s Standard and Toolbox Hardware Kits allow you to install your THREE LIGHT Cab Guard securely without having to drill holes on most late model trucks.

Headache Rack Frame   Hardware Kit
No-Drill 21"
No-Drill 31"
Chevy GMC
2014-2015 Silverado, Sierra 145TL   30119 30119TB 30119TB31 30119LP
2007-2013 Silverado, Sierra 145TL 30119 30119TB 30119TB31 30119LP
1999-2007 Classic 145TL 30109 30109TB 30109TB31 NA
1988-1998 CK Series 144TL 30103 30103TB 30103TB31 NA
1968-1987 Chevy/GMC 144TL 30103 30103TB 30103TB31 NA
2015 Colorado, Canyon NA 30126 30126TB 30126TB31 NA
2004-2014 Colorado, Canyon NA 30116 30116TB NA NA
1985-2005 S10, S15 NA 30113 30113TB NA NA
Ram 2002-2014 8' / 2009-2014 6.5' / 2002-2008 All Beds 144TL   30117 30117TB 30117TB31 30117LP
Ram 2009-2014 5.5' Bed Only 144TL 30127 30117TB 30117TB31 30127LP
Ram 2009-2014 - 5.5' Ram Box NA 30147 NA NA NA
Ram 1994-2001 144TL 30107 30107TB 30107TB31 NA
Ram 1968-1993 144TL 30103 30103TB 30103TB31 NA
Dakota 2005-2014 NA 30113 30113TB NA NA
Dakota 1987-2004 NA 30113 30113TB NA NA
1999-2015 Superduty 143TL   30201 30201TB 30201TB31 30201LP
2004-2014 F-150 145TL 30112 30112TB 30112TB31 30112LP
2015 F-150 Aluminum New Body 145TL 30123 30123TB 30123TB31 30112LP
1997-2003 F-150 (No Supercrew) 144TL 30102 30102TB 30102TB31 NA
1997-2003 F-150 5.5' ( Supercrew ) 144TL 30104 30104TB NA NA
1975-1996 F-150 6.5' Only 144TL 30105 30106TB 30106TB31 NA
1975-1996 F-150 8' Only 144TL 30106 30106TB 30106TB31 NA
1993-2014 Ranger NA 30111 30111TB 30111TB31 NA
1993-2014 Mazda NA   30111 30111TB 30111TB31 NA
2004-2015 Titan 144TL   30511 30511TB 30511TB31 NA
2005-2015 Frontier NA 30113 30113TB NA NA
1987-2005 Nissan NA 30113 30113TB NA NA
2008-2015 Tundra 145TL   30118 30118TB 30118TB31 NA
1995-2007 Tundra 144TL 30108 30108TB 30108TB31 NA
2005-2015 Tacoma NA 30317 30317TB NA NA
1997-2004 Tacoma NA 30113 30113TB NA NA