ROLA Roof Racks


ROLA Roof Racks make it easy to carry loads efficiently, safely and in style. Different vehicles have different roofs, so ROLA Roof Racks are tailor made for each model of vehicle. This approach to roof rack design ensures strength and safety, and also ensures your vehicle isn't damaged when carrying loads.

Aside from being strong, light and safe, ROLA Roof Racks are also aerodynamic, which not only reduces wind noise, but also results in a sleek, stylish appearance.


  • Specifically designed to fit individual vehicle models
  • It features an aerodynamic extruded aluminum alloy crossbar
  • Streamlined appearance includes a buffer strip to protect the load and the cross bar from being damaged.
  • All fasteners are non-ferrous stainless steel
  • Theft-deterrent bolts with a unique key protect the roof racks

Find ROLA Roof Racks for Your Vehicle Below: