Nitto NEO GEN Tires

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  • Wet Performance - Deep circumferential grooves work in unison with the slanted three-dimensional tread blocks to evacuate water
  • Reduced Wear - Inner shoulder is made from one continuous block, which adds stability and reduces tread flex - tire wears more evenly
  • Enhanced Cornering - Large outer shoulder blocks are designed to increase surface contact and provide improved traction while cornering
  • Advanced Siping Technologies - 3D Multiwave sipes are cut into interlocking ripples for additional wet traction


The Nitto Neo Gen is an all season ultra high performance radial that has been specifically engineered to address the needs of lowered vehicles. Because the inner shoulder of the NEO GEN is one continuous block, the tread maintains stability on lowered vehicles with higher degrees of negative camber.

This increased stability also boosts one of the Neo Gen's best features: endurance. By helping to maintain stability, the Neo Gen significantly reduces tread flex and allows the tire to wear evenly and last longer. Adding to the Neo Gen's endurance is the tire's 3D Multiwave sipes, which are cut into interlocking ripples that provide high level wet traction and keep the tire from wearing down. For anybody that needs an all season tire that will last, the Nitto Neo Gen is the answer.

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