Local Hero Saves Grateful Locals

Fondly referred to as Dead River Jack, Jack Coleman is a 60 year old devoted Park Ranger in the heart of the Seventeen Runs Swamp. With his characteristic large beard and long white hair, Dead River Jack looks like a caring Grandpa who helps the locals and visiting tourists find their way out of the mangy swamp.

Local hero helps people in the swamps
Whenever he hears cries of help from within the swamp, Dead River Jack together with his troop of Rangers, makes his way through the banks of the Hillsborough River in Florida State in such an outstanding manner, even at the risk of his own health from mosquito bites to help out stuck revelers. This has left a large number of grateful travellers over his 30-year career.

When Dead River Jack first got the job, he thought of the best accessories to his Jeep Renegade. He opted for the amazing Super Swamper tires that are sturdy, long-lasting and with excellent handling on off-road terrains. These exceptional swamp tires are high quality tires made of superior quality rubber.

Local hero helps people in the swamps
The fast-moving Hillsborough River is part of Hillsborough River State Park, which is home to vast variety of Flora such as Cypress trees and the Fauna which includes alligators, wild pigs and even panthers. To navigate the often muddy and rugged terrain, opt for the Super Swamper range of tires for an amazing ride. The below list of Swamp tires are some of the best choices for off-road, swampy, muddy or off-road terrain

About Super Swamper Tires:

1. Super Swamper Bogger Tires.

Super Swamper Bogger tires are exceptional tires that are D.O.T approved. They feature astounding modifications to the wheels giving them the versatile design with a cut and carve fashion. They are available in large sizes from 19 inch to 44 inches. They are comfortably prices and suitable for swampy terrains for best performance.

2. Super Swamper IROK ND and IROK Tires

Super Swamper IROK tires are exclusive tires with a directional design whereas IROK ND offers a non-directional tread design. For that smooth ride in sketchy terrain, these compact wheels come with cut resistant composites for superior traction. Swamper IROK tires are made in big sizes from 33 inches to 49 inches.

3. Super Swamper LTB Tires

These large wheels have an aggressive lugs and very strong sidewalls for better resistance and off-road handling. They feature a large lug for superior tire traction and available in 6 ply, 8 Ply and 10 Ply ratings.

Local hero helps people in the swamps
4. Super Swamper M-16 Tires: These very powerful swamp tires are well-renowned to improve overall performance on off-road and swampy terrains. They feature an aggressive design with cool military insignias available in a range of sizes for your comfort.

5. Super Swamper SSR and Radial TSL Tires: The SSR and Radial TSL tires are aggressively designed and stylish wheels suitable for off-road, muddy and rocky terrains. They are affordably priced with bias ply construction ensuring a durability and comfort in these conditions.

6. Super Swamper Thorn bird Tires: With 3 stage Lug design for added comfort and style, even in the mud the Super Swamp tires are rich at mud and snow traction to reduce sliding and toppling incidents.

By: James Langston
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