Light Covers & Guards

Protect your headlights with Light Covers and Guards. Light guards provide tough protection from impact with road debris. Essential for four-wheelers! Looking for a way to style up your headlights and add protection as well? Check out the Light Covers all custom fit to be placed over your headlights for added protection. 4 Wheel Online carries Light Covers and Guards from various manufacturers to match your needs.

Excellent style and ample protection are the benefits of having Light Covers & Guards on your vehicle lights. A necessary protection for your head and tail lights against possible damage on the road.... it serves as a shield and prevents your lights from flying debris, and scattered tree branches. Don't spend anymore on replacements or scratched lenses, simply grab Light Covers & Guards and it will save you money in the pocket. Practicality in price and quality, right here @ 4Wheel Online!

Light Covers
Typically plastic, smoked or customs designs
Light Guards
Typically metal, stainless steel and painted.

Your vehicle as well as the accessories affixed on it reflect the taste of the person behind the steering wheel. And with your choice of Light Covers & Guards, rugged or cool....there will always be one especially made for your vehicle. Grab one now and jump on the road!