LED Truck Lights

LED technology is referred to as the “unsung hero” in the world of all things electric. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, which is preferred due to its bright light while conserving energy, hence the Eco-friendly tag.

LED invemtor Nick Holnak
LEDs were first invented by the brilliant scientist, Nick Holonyak Jr. (pictured right), in 1962. LED is an inert illuminating light available in different colors used in various applications, and these colors are red, blue, green, red-orange, cyan and pure white. Initially used as indicator lamps for electronic devices, LED’s are long-lasting and can be used in many applications such as traffic signals, room lighting and even Automotive lighting.

LED truck lights include:

• Access Truck Light

• Rampage LED Utility lights

• Pro Comp LED Lights

• VisionX LED lights

• PIAA LLED lighting

• KC LED lights

LED invemtor Nick Holnak
LED truck lighting comes with appropriate-fit accessories such as tail gates, and they are affordably priced. Advantages of choosing LED truck lighting are as many as they are to your advantage and they are as listed below:

Advantages of LED’s in Truck Lighting

1. Lower Energy Consumption: LED’s are remarkable in conserving energy as they offer optimum light output while minimizing the electricity consumed by the bulb. They are considered to have 80% more brilliance, durability and efficacy in truck lighting.

2. Smaller in size hence they are not bulky and cumbersome. It means they are easily portable.

3. Long-lasting: More superior to the incandescent bulbs, LED’s don’t have a filament like the more plentiful incandescent bulbs found in the market today. This is because they work by having electrons move in the bulb. Thus the instance of an LED bulb will blow up due to an overheated filament are nil, giving the LED truck lighting a longer life span. LED’s have an operational life time of up to 100,000 hours which can be translated to up to 20 years. Thus your truck lights are guaranteed to last over a long period of time

LED invemtor Nick Holnak
4. Lower Carbon emissions: For the green enthusiast, this is good news. LED’s are known to produce almost zero UV emission hence lower radiation released to the environment as compared to fluorescent tubes and incandescent tubes.

5. Free of toxins and harmful chemicals: LED’s are 100% recyclable, and are absent of toxic environmental chemicals such as Mercury. Another plus for the green enthusiast!

6. Highly durable: Built from high quality components that can survive even the toughest condition, Truck LED lighting will not let you down either in

7. They can ideal as truck lighting as they are ideal for cold or hot weather extremes. So, whether coming from the Beach to the hills, LED truck lighting is the ultimate choice for your truck.

By: James Langston
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