Hankook i-Pike W409 Winter Tires

Hankook i-Pike W409 Winter Tires

W409 Winter I-Pike Hankook Tires are specially designed to offer drivers improved traction on the snow and ice. They offer incredible driving stability even on rough terrains. W409 I-Pike Tires perform well on ice and frozen surfaces thanks to their Optional Stud Pin Arrangement. With an increased 6-row stud area, the W409 Winter I-Pike Tires offer enhanced traction and reduced stud noise. They also guarantee you optimal winter performance due to their kerf edge effect on wet surfaces. Through their square profile that is designed through Stiffness Control Contour Theory Technology, W409 Winter I-Pike Auto Hankook Tires provide improved vehicle stability.

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  • Increased to six rows studable area, heence enhancing traction and minimizes stud noise
  • Top winter performance is garaunteed by the enhanced the kerf edge effect on icy roads
  • Improved vehicle performance through the square profile designed with Stiffness Control Contour Theory technology and sidewall stiffness control