Four Places to Fix LED Lights on Your Truck

Custom LED lights are great for a lot of reasons, but right at the top of the list is the fact that they can be placed in a number of areas on a vehicle. Depending on the placement, drivers can then dictate the flow of their light and improve certain aspects of their visibility and performance.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the different places that LED lights can be fixed.

truck leds are the best way to add cheap light


One of the most obvious advantages of LED headlamps is the low power input needed. In fact, a 6 watt LED light is comparable to a 30 watt incandescent bulb, while only using 20 percent of the electricity. This, obviously, saves significant amounts of money.

The quality of light also plays a major part in why many prefer these lights to traditional halogen lamps. LED lights emit a crisp white beam over a longer distance, making the road as clear as day. Knowing that an LED light for a headlamp can stay on for hours (especially when you are covering long distances at night) can provide great comfort and assurance to any driver. For these reasons, it would be smart to invest in this energy saving solution.

Hood Mounting

To mount an LED light onto the hood of your truck, you may need to mount it as a light bar, which is composed of a series of diodes stacked horizontally. LED light bars require a little drilling work to install as your hood will not have predrilled holes to mount onto. Light bars mounted on the hood create a powerful supplement to headlight illumination, especially when it comes to lighting up the higher plane of your frontal view.

Adding hood mounted lights will provide a better scope of the landscape, allowing drivers to see beyond their immediate surroundings. Currently, there are various light bar sizes, which you can pick in accordance to your truck’s hood dimensions. ProComp for instance has a variety of light bars which include:

• ProComp SEL 4 by 4 inches LED Light Bar

• ProComp SEL 46 by 46 inches LED Light Bar

• ProComp SEL 8 by 8 inches LED Light Bar

• ProComp 38 inch LED Light Bar

• ProComp 20 inch LED Light Bar

• ProComp SEL 31 by 31 inch LED Light Bar

Roof mount

In many cases, roof mounted LED lights are great when a truck is on an off road journey since they help to penetrate massive dust clouds, which can cover up tall obstacles in the way. The last thing you would want while on an off-road adventure is to crash into a thick shrub that got hidden by a dust cloud on the way, right?

Roof mounted LED lights can also act as a general lighting agent while doing work, especially at mining sites, construction sites, etc. This allows you to not have to carry a whole load of extra lighting equipment with you just to get work done after hours. Since LED lights are generally energy saving, they can keep the work going on for hours without devouring too much energy.

Bumper and Bull Bar Mount

A common area to mount LED lights is on the bull bar or bumper of a truck. These areas are much lower than the headlights are better at illuminating the path immediately in front of the truck. Both are made in a variety of designs, including light bars, cubes, and single lamps. They are easy to install since they often come with mounting brackets which are designed to clamp onto the bull bar or bumper.

By: James Langston
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