Four Innovative Breakthroughs from Fabtech Suspensions

Perfect suspension structure is something that every suspension manufacture is looking for. As the years go by, a lot of companies are getting closer to this goal. Others have added exciting little features to their products which combine already known solutions but very few actually take the brave dive into applying truly innovative technology. Fabtech is one of these few companies, which have a list of new technologies that they have applied to their product range. Let us take a look at four examples of these applications.
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Dirt Logic Shocks

Fabtech dirt logic shocks are the most practical and thoughtfully innovated shocks for off road drivers. They have an extra feature, a dividing piston which is fitted in the piston tube to keep emulsion shock from being generated. This kind of shock encourages fade which makes the shocks performance inconsistent.

It also has ride tuning features that allow drivers to adjust the shock’s settings for highway purposes and off road purposes whenever you want. In addition to urethane bushings, Fabtech Dirt Shocks have urethane misalignment caps in the top caps where the spherical bearings attach. The effect of this feature is that it dampens a lot of the road noise transferred into the bearing making it an extra powerful shock for off road situations.
Fabtech has the lift kits you want for thr truck you care about

Radius Arm System

There are a couple of features that make Fabtech’s radius arm system stand out as a remarkable product. This patented product has a full tubular structure in addition to an adjustable alignment cam that connects to the vehicle’s axle. This cam allows for caster adjustment hence making its application very much customizable for specific terrains.

Long Arm System

Long arm systems have been known to pose certain advantages to the suspension system. They reduce the control arm’s operating angles as the suspension rig is lifted. This hence smoothen the ride. With lower rigs, there is easier cycling control and overall stability. Fabtech’s 6 inch Longa Arm suspension lift system is an example of how this technology has been used to optimize the driving experience for Jeep Wrangler TJ drivers. This kit also removes stock link pockets from the suspension equation thus leaving you with lower and upper links that are operating on the same plane.
Fabtech has the lift kits you want for thr truck you care about

Crawler System

With a crawler system from Fab Tech, you can mount those enormous 37 inch truck tires you have been dreaming off without compromising on your suspension’s reliability. Fabtech’s five inch crawler system lift kit incorporates a radius arm link built with 5/16 inch thick steel which is resistant to mechanical wear and damage. It thus offers unrestricted articulation through this radius arm design and its functionality is fortified by the in house performance shocks that come with the kit. The result is complete set of tools to give you the gigantic lift height you are seeking.

By: Sean Bowes
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