Finding the Perfect Fit with the Pro Comp Tires

Pro Comp since 1992 has been manufacturing the best off-rod and street products on the market for motorsport enthusiasts. The company started to manufacture high performing tire in 1998 introducing durable, unique and stylish tires.

Pro comp tires are here to stay
Pro Comp Tires has a wide range of tires to choose from including Xtreme Mud Terrian, Xtreme All-Terrain, All-Terrain radials, and Xterrain. Regardless of your mode of transportation, Pro Comp Tires enhances your ride’s look and performance.

Pro Comp Xtreme M/T 2 Radial Tires

Pro comp tires are here to stay
The Pro Comp Radial Xtreme MT2 is one of the advanced tires on the market for on and off-road rides. Each tire feature Tri-ply construction that ensures puncture resistance particularly on the sidewall of the tires. It has a spiral-wound nylon overwrap and two steel belts that provide an enhanced load carrying ability and superior stability at highway speeds.

Each ultra-modern tire is further built with a unique tread compound combined with silica. This enhances the vehicle’s ability to navigate different types of terrain ranging from slick rock, wet roads to deep mud. The Xtreme M/T2 tires continue to set an excellent performance standard that is required by the modern vehicles.

Xtreme Trax Radial

Pro comp tires are here to stay
Xtreme Trax Radial tire is specifically designed to meet the demands of the modern day Jeeps and SUVs. Manufactured using Xtreme Trax innovative directional tread pattern which is efficiently built to provide an excellent traction and control with a smooth ride on different kinds of terrain. It is also ideal for exploring rugged terrain or hauling heavy loads because of its toughness. Xtreme Trax Radial also provides an enhanced self-cleaning performance in snow and mud.

Pro Comp Xterrain Radial Tire

Since its inception, Xterrain Radial Tire has been perceived as the excellent off-road tires ideal for harsh terrain. Pro Comp's engineers prefer using this tire range when out off-road testing various suspension products. This is because of its durability and amazing performance. Furthermore, it is designed with an advanced directional tread pattern that offers maximum control and traction both on street and off-road. It also features a 2-step tread block design enhances braking, stability and ensures even treadwear.

As compared to aggressive off-road tires, the tread design is smooth and quitter than other aggressive off-road tires on the market. Therefore, if you are looking for the ultimate off road tire that will provide an excellent performance on the street, Xterain is the ideal choice for you.

By: Sean Bowes
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