Dick Cepek Offers Four Tire Options

Dick Cepek is no doubt one of the leading manufacturers of off road wheels and tires. The company has been around since 1963 and through the years has managed to satisfy customers with a wide range of off road gear. Out of all the products this company produces, its four off road tires are quite exciting as each of them is designed for different terrains and driving needs. The four are the Trail Country, Fun Country, Mud Country, and Crusher tires.

Before talking about these tires, let’s look back briefly at the history of Dick Cepek. The company has been around since 1963 and was started by Richard ‘Dick’ Cepek, an off-road motorsports hall of famer. He started the company to supply his friends, family and other off road enthusiasts with the tires they would need to enjoy their off road experiences. The company has carried that mission to this day as it is known for quality on and off road products.

Dick Cepek Mud Country Tires

Dick Cepek Mud Country is the oldest tire among the four currently in production. The tire is specifically made for use on muddy terrains but can also be used on other terrains. It features the latest radial tire technology and 3-ply sidewalls to protect it from damages and puncture when off roading. The Mud Country tire has high performance and handling characteristics with wide footprints for an even wear.

Dick Cepek Crusher Tires

Dick Cepek Crusher tires are made for extreme terrains and are suitable for drivers who want excellent handling on the streets and ultra aggressive off road traction. These tires are known for their radial construction that makes them perfect for both on and off road driving. The self-cleaning high-void tread lugs on these tires helps improve traction in Mud & Snow. These tires are made for a wide range of trucks/SUVs and are available in many different sizes to ensure this is possible.

Dick Cepek Trail Country Tire

Recently, Dick Cepek added two new tires to its portfolio, one of these was the Trail Country tire This is an all terrain tire designed to handle aggressive off road environments as well as the smooth highways. This tire has the now famous 5-rib tread design for improved off road traction. This new tire has the multi-draft groves that ensure uniformity when wearing off and for self-cleaning.

Dick Cepek Fun Country Tire

The second off road tire introduced this year by Dick Cepek is the Fun country tire. This tire has been around for a short time but has managed to win the Global Media Award at the famous SEMA show. This award clearly shows you that Dick Cepek means business with their new range of off road tires. The Fun Country tire is made for all terrains combining the latest technology and engineering techniques to improve traction and ensure it is long lasting.

By: James Langston
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