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BF Goodrich Commercial T/A Traction

The Commercial T/A Traction is BFGoodrich's On-/Off-Road Commercial Traction light truck tire developed for pickup, van, SUV and commercial vehicle drivers looking for heavy-duty light truck tires that can combine traction on the highway, as well as at work jobsites and recreation areas. The Commercial T/A Traction is designed to provide on- and off-road traction in dry, wet and wintry conditions, including snow.

Commercial T/A Traction radials feature an aggressive symmetric tread design that uses independent shoulder lugs and intermediate tread blocks to blend dry-road handling with poor weather traction. Wide circumferential grooves provide hydroplaning resistance while lateral grooves and multiple sipes provide the biting edges needed to enhance snow traction. The tire's structure includes twin steel belts to improve bruise and puncture resistance on top of a two-ply polyester cord body that helps absorb road shock to enhance ride quality.

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Commercial T/A® Traction

Truck Tires, Winter Tires

Winter Tire

A truck and fleet tire with aggressive tread to go wherever your route requires.

Benefits of BFGoodrich

  • Ideal for less-than-ideal roads.
  • Made for extreme snow and ice.
Commercial T/A Traction - part # Size, Load & Speed Sidewall Rim Width Range Diam. revs / mi Tread Depth Max Load, Single Weight
42575 LT235/75R15/C 104 Q BSW 6" - 7" 28.6 727 18 1985@50 34.8
72846 LT225/75R16/E 115 Q BSW 6" - 7" 29.3 710 18 2680@80 40
85980 LT245/75R16/E 120 Q BSW 6.5" - 8" 30.6 680 18 3042@80 45.4
53176 LT265/75R16/E 123 Q BSW 7" - 8" 31.8 654 15.5 3415@80 49.1
61161 LT215/85R16/D 110 Q BSW 5.5" - 7" 30.2 688 18 2335@65 41.1
58509 LT235/85R16/E 120 Q BSW 6" - 7" 31.6 658 18 3042@80 45.9