Access Roll-Up Covers: Built For the Looks and the Capacity

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It’s true. Access Tonneau Covers were amongst the pioneers of roll up tonneau covers. Access Tonneau covers are built for increase capacity and low profile looks as well. For increased capacity, there are a number of Access Tonneau covers, which give more space for packing up cargo while keeping the bed firmly closed.

The low profile covers are designed for truckers who prefer a sleeker finish from the cover. This kind of covers are the ideal choice if you are looking for something that keeps the truck bed in good shape but doesn’t call for too much attention. We’ll dig deeper and look at a few of the different covers under each category.

Access LiteRider Tonneau

Where does this elegant patented tonneau cover get its name from? from its easy-to-use, light-weight construction. This tonneau cover falls into the increased capacity category. It’s the ideal cover for anyone who can’t stand taking ten minutes to roll out a heavy cover and keep it even after stretching it over the bed. The Literider glides right through to an automatic latch lock system and can be stored back using very easy to use storage straps making your roll up process pretty swift. Its price is just as light and incorporates a five year limited warranty on purchase as well.

Access Tonnosport Tonneau Cover

A low profile is what the Access Tonnosport cover has been going for since it was first designed. It’s the kind of cover you want to do the job, which is to protect and safeguard your belonging, but also stay out of focus. Taking a completely lateral look at the Tonnosport tonneau cover from the rear you will hardly notice it’s there. That because it has been structured to stretch on a very low level on the bed rails.

Access Toolbox Tonneau Cover

The Access Toolbox tonneau cover is as the name suggests one of the Access tonneau covers that are designed to work up greater capacity. If you have a twenty to twenty one inch over the rail toolbox, then this cover will fit quite naturally behind it. All you will need is to fit it the side rails on the bed using the clamps that come with the cover. This is easily accomplished without drilling but by using a bolt-on mounting process. The Access Toolbox tonneau cover has a weather sealed header bar which protects it from rain and the sun’s heat thus maintaining its durability. So in effect you can easily divide your tools from your cargo and still have both sufficiently protected with this simple roll up cover

By: Sean Bowes
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