AFE Cold Air Intake Stage 1

aFe Cold Air gives you More Power aFe Cold Air Intake 40% Off & Ships Free With the aFe Cold Air Magnum Force Stage 1 Intake System, aFe replaces the stock air box and the stock air filter. By replacing the restrictive air box and air filter, you will feel noticeable improvement in airflow and power. The stock air intake track is retained with the aFe Cold Air Intake Magnum Force Stage 1. aFe Cold Air Intake Systems uses aFe's radial universal clamp-on filters. aFe designs is an inverted top on some of the filters on the Stage 1 systems to increase filtration surface area and airflow.

One of the special characteristics of aFe Magnum Force Stage 1 AFE Cold Air Intake filters is the full or modified velocity stack that is built into the universal cone filters. This velocity stack allows the air to curve smoothly around the edge of the filter and enter the intake tubing track. A velocity stack is the only way to ensure that the full diameter of the intake tube is utilized. aFe has conducted many tests where there is more airflow with a full-velocity stack filter than with a straight tube and no filter. Today - Save 20% on AFE Cold Air Intakes, plus get Free Shipping.

aFe Cold Air Features:

With the installation of an aFe Cold Air Intake Magnum Force Stage 1, you are basically removing the most restrictive part of the stock air intake system. You will feel an immediate improvement in acceleration and throttle response. Every vehicle responds differently but you are guaranteed to improve the fuel economy and enhance performance.

aFe Cold Air Intake Stage 1 Features

  1. One Piece, 16-Gauge, Power coated heat shield for easy installation.
  2. Utilizes stock intake Tubing for great performance at a Value.
  3. High performance Filter, In 3 Choices of media provide a lifetime of protection.

Get an aFe Cold Air Magnum Force Today! Stage 1 Air Intake System today and feel the performance needed for every ride.