Why Use a Tonneau Cover?

tonneau covers

A tonneau cover cleans up the lines of a pickup while adding security

When asked why they have a tonneau cover fitted to their truck many people say it’s to improve gas mileage. However, the debate about the validity of this claim continues to rage and just how true the theory of a tonneau providing better fuel economy really is remains undecided. But there are quite a few good solid reasons to add a tonneau to your truck. 

Tonneau – it’s a Gas Gas Gas

First let’s get the gas mileage argument out of the way. Aerodynamics is an incredibly complex field and scientific opinion is constantly changing, but as things stand today it’s believed that, yes, a tonneau cover will improve the aerodynamics of a truck. However, these improvements are certainly not as high as some people claim.

gas mileage

A tonneau cover will improve gas mileage, although by how much is debatable

An estimated 4% or 5% increase in fuel economy is probably pretty accurate. Although that will add up over the entire lifetime of a truck, it’s probably not enough on its own to persuade someone to use a Tonneau Cover. Besides, we’re talking about pickup drivers, not a bunch of wusses in subcompacts! The oil companies and their gas prices hold no fear for the pickup owner! No, there are other reasons for installing a tonneau.

Added Tonneau Security for Your Truck Bed

Security is an important factor, particularly for anyone carrying valuable tools or equipment in the back of their pickup, and the best way to ensure your gear remains yours is to keep it safely under a lockable tonneau. Even a soft tonneau will give the would-be villain pause for thought and of course a hard tonneau offers similar levels of security as the doors to the truck’s cab.

Tonneau vs. Bad Weather – Who Wins?

rusty truck bed

A tonneau will protect from the elements

Protection from the elements is another valid reason for installing a tonneau – and not just to guard the things you store in the truck bed. In colder climates snow, hail, sleet and rain all try their hardest to cause tailgate hinges to corrode and pickup beds to rust, and in hotter regions searing sunlight can be just as brutal. Leaving your truck’s bed open to the elements also means you’ll be forever scooping wet leaves out of it and mopping up stagnant pools of water.

Looking Good and Sitting Pretty

Finally there’s the argument that a truck with a tonneau cover just looks really slick. Like a sweet set of rims or the fine lines of fender flares, a tonneau gives a truck a sleeker visual appearance that sets it apart from the crowd. A tonneau cleans up the lines of a truck and adds a nice sleek look to the rear end. For this purpose alone tonneaus should be mandatory by law!

Saving gas, keeping equipment safe, protecting from the weather and adding a sleek line to the rear end – just a few reasons to fit a tonneau cover. If you are looking for a Tonneau Cover or other Truck Accessory, remember we have them all.

tonneau truck
A truck always looks good with a tonneau cover

By John Bone

Posted on August 26th, 2013
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