Warn Winch Bumpers offer Solid Construction

Every off roader knows that a winch is their most valuable accessory. But towing your vehicle out of a tricky situation is almost impossible without an equally strong bumper. Given the force exerted by the winch during heavy duty operations, anything can go wrong with the wrong winch-bumper combination. Getting a Warn Winch Bumper can therefore mark the difference between a safe recovery and a ripped winch plate. These bumpers are engineered with the same strength and reliability Warn Winches are renowned for. Here are some reasons why Warn Winch Bumpers will ensure your vehicle is winch ready whenever required:
Warn winch bumpers on Jeep

Integrated Winch Mount

The Warn Winch Bumper comes ready with a winch mount for quick and easy towing. As opposed to installing a winch plate on your factory or aftermarket bumper, this mount is sturdily fixed on the bumper so you are guaranteed it will not rip off during towing. It is also made from strong non-corrosive materials to ensure durability.

One Piece Construction

Most Warn Winch Bumpers are made from a solid steel single piece construction, which when welded on correctly guarantees maximum strength and durability.

Recovery Options

To increase your option of recovery points, the mount plate comes with welded eyelets which allow you to add D-ring mounts. This option is available for both front and rear bumpers.

Various Applications

Warn Winch Bumpers are available for a variety of applications, from heavy duty commercial trucking to rock crawling. The Off-Road Heavy Duty Bumper and the Rock Crawler Bumper are examples of the highly specialized Warn bumper series. This makes them a popular option for road users in all categories.
Warn winch bumpers on Jeep

Stylish Designs

These bumpers are not only made for functionality but also come in an array of unique designs to match your vehicle’s style. Warn bumpers come with clean black powder coat finishes that are wear resistant, maintaining their look for longer periods. They also are compatible with other accessories such as the tire rack.

Light Ports

Warn Winch Bumpers conveniently come with integrated light ports and additional light mounting holes. This makes it extra easy to mount extra lights that are crucial for recovery operations. It also saves you from drilling into your vehicle’s body for mounting positions

Built In Grill Guards

Warn Bumpers come with grille guards. These tubular guards are optional but provide much needed protection.
Warn winch bumpers on Jeep Wrangler


In case you already have a reliable bumper, you can buy Warn Bumper Mounting Kits separately. These are easy to install and ensure you have a strong mount to go with the bumper.

For these and many more reasons, the Warn series of bumpers excel in the aftermarket bumper market, providing a level of functionality that is unmatched by other manufacturers. Additionally, their strength and durability makes them a worthy investment for any off road user.

By: James Langston
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