Vision Wheels Articles and Reviews

Vision Wheels Taking Aesthetics to a Higher Level
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Vision wheels have been around for a long time, and the current trends in inventing more wheels is a sure indicator that will be here for longer. Vision has over the years showcased their expertise in Wheel manufacturing by participating in various motor shows. With over thirty years in the aftermarket industry, the company boasts of over 50 different models. While they continue to produce high performance wheels each year, quality and style are the main factors that stand out.
What’s New with Vision Wheels in 2014
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Vision Wheels has made great wheel series over the years that have showcased in various motor shows and have participated in racing series around the world. It Needless to say, the past 38 years of business for Vision Wheels have been great! The collection from the company has expanded to over 50 different wheel models.
Vision Wheels Offer More than Beauty
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Vision Wheels are one-piece custom luxury wheels that are made for RWD sedans, FWD tuner cars, American muscle cars, performance cars, FWD tuner cars and SUVs. If you want to try the vision wheels, then there is no doubt that you are making a wise and safe decision. Vision wheels give you an excellent choice to refresh your ride’s look. They feature classy designs that make you stand out from other motorists.
Vision Wheels and V-Tec Are Not Scared of the Baja 500
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The Baja 500 and Baja 100 races are considered to be some of the most dangerous off-road races in the world. The Baja races are so dangerous, that it is not unusual for reports of death and carnage to come out from the event. So, who in their right mind would ever want to take on the Baja challenge? Well, only wheels like the V-Tec; that’s who. V-Tec Wheels have long been considered a top of the line off-road wheel, and they are definitely a worthwhile choice for any truck. To read more about V-Tec and the Baja races click here.
Vision Wheels - A Quick Look
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Vision Wheels makes ATV, Truck, Luxury, and Racing Wheels. When you’re modifying your truck or SUV, there can be a battle when deciding which wheel company to go with, especially if you are an off-roader. Once you start pushing your truck to the extremes, you can’t skimp on a quality set of wheels. Most enthusiasts tend to invest in a company that has been around for some time. Vision Wheels has been supplying the United States with high-quality wheels for more than 30 years. Click Here to Find Out Why Vision Wheels Have Stood the Test of Time.