Upgrading Stock ATV Tires

Upgrading Stock ATV Tires

atv sport

If you want to do some of this on
your ATV you’ll need to upgrade the
stock tires it came with

ATVs and UTVs come out of the factory and off the showroom floor with all-purpose tires fitted as stock. This is because the manufacturers have to cater to a wide range of buyers, so they fit tires that will serve everyone up to a point.

If you want to get more performance from your ATV – speed for competition, off-road capability, or hauling/towing/pushing power – you’ll need to upgrade the tires.

What You Get With Stock Tires

By necessity stock tires are adequate for various different uses, but they are the master of none. With the stock tires on your new ATV/UTV you’ll be able to drive in light gravel, sand and mud conditions – enough to put a grin on your face, in other words – but they won’t be able to cope with more extreme conditions.

How You Use Your ATV Will Determine the Tires You Need

sedona cyclone

Sedona Cyclone tires feature
paddles for traction on sand

As any seasoned ATV/UTV user will tell you, tires are one of the most important components. You can spend thousands of dollars on performance parts giving you all the horsepower and torque you want, but if you can’t transfer that drive to the surface you’re just spinnin’ your wheels… Literally.

The golden word here is traction, and when making a tire upgrade you need to choose tires that will provide the maximum traction in the conditions you’ll most often be driving on.

ATV Tires for Sand

Driving on sand requires a tire that will ‘float’ over the sand’s surface without getting bogged down. Blade or paddle tires are the best for extreme sand use, a prime example of which is the Sedona Cyclone.

ATV Tires for Mud and Trails

itp mayhem

The ITP Mayhem is a tire with full
lugs for mud and trails

Trail conditions need a tire with plenty of traction, which is provided by heavy claw-like treads known as lugs. These lugs will pull through even the deepest mud as is illustrated on the ITP Mayhem.

ATV Tires for Work

An ATV used for work probably won’t see extreme surface conditions, but it will still need plenty of traction to push/haul heavy objects. Knobby tires provide stability on tarmac/compacted surfaces while the knobs lightly dig into soft surfaces (such as grass) to provide traction and drive without tearing up your lawn. The Maxis Ambush is a good example.

If you plan on using your ATV/UTV on multiple surfaces, you might want to go for a less extreme tread profile. However, if you’re planning on lots of sand riding or trail blazing, purchasing a more specialized tire will give you a massive leap in performance gains.

By John Bone

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