Three Factors that Make the Nitto Trail Grappler Tire Tick

Nitto Tire’s collection of light truck tires includes some of the best constructed tires to overcome all sorts of off road obstacles. The Nitto Trail Grappler was built to combat mud trails. It is built with features that are common on mud tires and also introduces innovative elements that put it ahead of the game. It is no wonder that so many people consider it a first pick tire when racing in off road championships. The Nitto Trail Grappler is a milder solution for mud trailing as compared to the Nitto Mud Grappler which is made for extreme mud tearing action. So the result is a tire that does the job on mud trails but gives a quieter less aggressive ride experience.
Truck with Nitto tires

Sidewalls Design

The Nitto Trail grappler is made with a Dual sidewall design. This is to give you the choice that off road tire manufacturers rarely give to drivers; the choice to customize your tire’s look. One side of the Trail grappler tire has a set of V-shaped buttresses used for lettering the tire label while the other has traditional lettering consisting of flat buttresses. Not only are the sidewalls stylish and attractive, they are also durable. They are made with a 3-ply construction. The 3 ply construction is the most ideal manufacturing approach for mud tires. This means that the tire has three layers of extensible chord embedded beneath the exterior rubber cover. Consequently, they work in tandem to prevent the Nitto Trail grappler’s tire from stretching even when subjected to the heaviest pressure.
Truck with Nitto tires

Mud Evacuation

As opposed to other lighter off road tires which are built with tread designs for channeling out water, the Nitto Trail Grappler’s design is built to evacuate mud. This is achieved through a void ratio that is balanced out. The aggressive tread design thus consists of continuous grooves between the lugs that run from left to right consequently providing ample room for mud removal. So the real question with such a design is, how is noise minimized?
Truck with Nitto tires

Noise Reduction

The secret to the Nitto Trail Grappler’s low noise profile is a smart tread block arrangement. The blocks are shaped and patterned in a profile that creates pitch cancellation on its own. It has been designed using 3D computer simulation thus making sure that the noise frequencies produced by the tire are in line with the calculated sizes of tread block that will invert them and clear them out. The result of this innovation is a tire that has 34% less noise production than an average off road tire and 36% less noise than a highway tire.

By: Sean Bowes
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