The Three Qualities that Make Retrax Tonneau Covers Awesome

Imagine you own a truck and you just got a call to deliver some cargo to someone in thirty minutes. You will definitely want to get on the road as quickly as you can. With a Retrax tonneau cover getting your cargo covered before driving off is a swift process that requires minimal effort. You will be packed and rolling in no time. Retrax has been making retractable tonneau covers since 1996 and they are loved because of their easy-to-install mechanism and top quality construction above all. So let us have a better assessment of the kinds of technologies that make Retrax tonneau cover favored by so many truck drivers.

Unique Construction

The first thing to note about Retrax tonneau covers is their innovative construction. They are manufactured from a thermoplastic polycarbonate called Lexan. This material possesses great mechanical optical, electrical and thermal properties. It is very difficult to put a dent on and has natural scratch resistance. It is also manufactured with a blend of polymers to give it a very high heat resistance. This means that you don’t have to worry about it caving in to the heat of the sun and losing its solid stature. In addition to this Lexan offers a polished gleaming look on the tonneau cover due to its magnificent optical properties. So in effect, Retrax has managed to combine great looks, tough build, and innate durability by using one unconventional material.

Simple Installation Process

Installing Retrax tonneau covers is a simple process that should take five minutes at the most. The first step involved getting the cover’s canister attached to the side rails. This involves sliding the rails into the rollers on the sides of the canister and screwing in the already set up screw holes on the canister against those on the side rails. All screws for this process are provided with the cover on purchase. For a firm grip, the cover canister is safeguarded against the side rail with a lock mechanism that keeps the rollers in place at all times. The canister is then slid into the side rails in a similar and screwed in. The canister and rail set up is then placed onto the truck bed and clamp in with the accompanying clamps from the purchased set.

Quick Operation

Operating a Retrax tonneau cover is the simplest process there is when it comes to tonneau covers. Unlike many other retractable tonneau covers out the, the Retrax One for instance is built with sealed ball bearing with one can use to push and pull the cover instead of using pull straps or spring which only work by pulling. The new Powertrax line of covers from Retrax takes operation to the next level of convenience by incorporating a remote control system. At the touch of a button you can have your Powertrax cover opened or closed without even touching it. How cool is that?

By: Sean Bowes
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