The Secret to Nitto Mud Grappler’s Extreme Traction

The Nitto Mud Grappler is your ideal solution for driving on muddy terrain. It is balanced with features that make your driving experience a little less cautious and more self-assured. Not only does it contain features that tear away at mud and keep your truck on course, but it is also assembled into a good looking tire design.
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This tire is able to make uphill or downhill climbs a piece of cake. The Nitto Mud Grappler has excellent braking ability in the face of slippery mud cakes. When you are in the heart of a highly competitive off road contest, this can come in quite handy.

However the secret to Nitto Mud Grappler’s extreme traction levels lies in its tread formation.

Paddle-Like Lugs

Part of this Nitto Mud Grappler Extreme Terrain tire traction is made possible by the paddle like lugs that the tire is built with. These lugs are widely spaced and intercepted by deeply offset grooves. This gives them the ability to produce enormous levels of traction against wet surfaces.
nitto tire in use

Side Lugs

In addition to the main lugs on the tread zone, the Mud grappler has a set of side lugs which are aggressive enough to both cut off attaching mud chunks from the side of the truck and to give sidewall puncture resistance. This is extremely useful in case you are riding up against rough hard rocky surface and any other unexpected obstacles that may tear down at the sidewall. The lugs on the Mud Grappler are not only large but they are also made with strengthened compounds to make them last long and withstand any mechanical impact.

As much as its evenly leveled lugs give the Mud Grappler the ability to manage on the highway, it is not quite cut out to minimize noise in such an environment.

Computer Aided Tread Design

Nitto uses computer aided design for their tread patterns. The tread blocks on the Nitto Mud Grappler tire are designed in a computerized process. This allows as much accuracy to be achieved in making a contact patch that has enough of a curved-in profile to bite into terrain and create natural stability. With additional sipes on the tread surface, the Mud Grappler is able to sweep off other elements such as water and snow. For more treacherous off road elements such as dirt piles and mud, the Mud Grappler’s high-void design ensures they are cleared off immediately to maintain its overall traction no matter what point of the journey you are on.
nitto tire in action

Anti-slide Slip Grooves

Whilst the above features accord the Mud Grappler forward traction, its anti-side slip grooves give it lateral traction which is an essential characteristic for any mud-slinging off road vehicle.

By: Sean Bowes
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