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Rancho is a global leader in high performance suspension systems and shocks, which are built to deliver uncompromising off-road and on-road performance. Rancho shocks have been a shock of choice for motorists since 1985. The shock gives you a comfortable highway ride while at the same time being effectively responsive during off-road riding on any lifted or stock application. It remains the world’s most popular performance shock that comes with limited lifetime warranty.
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RS9000XL 9-position Shocks

Rancho® RS9000™XL 9 are adjustable shocks that deliver an exclusive nine levels of performance to lifted or stock off-road SUVs, trucks or Jeeps. It is globally recognized as the first 9-position shocks on the market that is manually adjustable. This line of shocks is perfect for hauling, towing, off-road use and much more. RS9000XL 9-position shocks enable you as a driver to control how firm or soft the ride quality is likely to be. The shock is housed in an extra-large shock body that enables cooler and consistent performance even in the most challenging driving situations.

Rancho® RS9000™XL 9 feature 2.75-inches body diameter, liquid metallic finish, large 18mm Nitro Carb rod, and 9-position tuning technology among others.

Rancho Shocks
This shock deliver added durability and strength in addition to optimizing shock performance. RS9000XL 9-position shocks give you both appearance and performance.

RS7000MT™ Monotube Shocks

RS7000MT™ monotube shock is specifically designed to provide better performance, handling and control for SUVs or light trucks. This shock offer your vehicle improved stability by preventing body roll particularly in tight turns and evasive maneuvers. It has a high-pressure gas that separated the nitrogen and unit internal oil for additional spring rate. This assists to enhance damping response that dissipates heat for an improved control. To give your ride control characteristics, the shock also features a hydraulic lockout that cushion the impact. This is because the vehicles suspension is fully extended.
Rancho Gas Shock

Rancho® RS7000MT™ Monotube Strut

Rancho® RS7000MT™ monotube strut is specifically engineered and designed for high center of gravity SUVs and light trucks to provide excellent control, performance and handling. The strut offers improved stability over stock twin tubes. This is because they minimize body roll in tight turns and evasive maneuvers. You can enjoy additional spring rate because it has a high-pressure gas, which separates internal oil unit and nitrogen. This assists to maximize damping response that dissipates heat for enhanced control. To fully enhance your ride control features, the shock include hydraulic lockout that cushion the effect. This is because the vehicle’s suspension remains fully extended.

By: Jon Aragon
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