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510 ATP XTreme White Driving Halogen Lamp Kit
  - PIAA-73516
Price: $314.37
Sale Price: $235.78
We have not yet cataloged this product for fitment or product details and therefore cannot assume responsibility for ordering errors. Please read the description carefully and confirm fitment and features via the manufacturer before ordering.

  • Made with "Xtra" Technology
  • Powder Coated Steel Housing
  • Glass lens
  • H3 35w = 60w Xtreme White Bulb
Install-Download (PDF)

Low Priced PIAA Motorcycle Lights & Lamp Kits


PIAA Corporation was established with the commitment to manufacture world-class products that our customers could use with pride and confidence. Then, PIAA built its reputation with winning products. PIAA’s race-proven and easy-to-install lamps, along with our lifetime warranty make our products stand apart.

PIAA HID lamps have race proven performance and durability. Combined with industry leading technology and state of the art components, is why PIAA leads the industry in HID products. The bulbs provide a crisp 4000 kelvin (pure white) rating to provide you with the most light output possible.

PIAA’s Halogen technology is inspired by precise engineering along with the use of quality components and a rigorous design process. Combined with our Xtra technology used in our bulbs and our com- puter designed reflectors and lenses; it what makes PIAA stand out in the pack.

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) provide outstanding illumination while providing longer life and very low power consumption compared with halogen lighting. Plus, they’re more compact and run cooler than halogen bulbs, promoting even longer life. PIAA’s new 530 fog, 530 driving, and 570 driving lamps feature a unique LED orientation where the allowing the beam to project off of a precisely computer-designed multi-surface reflector, providing better beam control and greater output than ordinary LED lamps. PIAA’s advanced LED technology, coupled with the compact size and cool operation of LEDs, allows PIAA to offer LED lamps in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and applications, including front and rear fog lights, Daytime Running Lights (DRLs), and even upgraded headlight “halo” rings for 5- and 6-Series BMWs.

PIAA engineers addressed the needs of off-road racers by creating the ATP (All-Terrain Beam Pattern), which gives the ultimate combination of spread, height, and distance for off-road use.

Fog/Foul Weather Lamps enhance your vehicle's low beams for improved visibility in rain, fog, or snow. Distance of illumination is similar to your vehicle's low beam. Fog/Foul Weather Lamps are available in amber or clear beam color.

Driving Lamps are designed to increase the range and brightness of your vehicle's high beams. They are especially useful at higher cruising speeds where they help to identify hazards and signs long before they would be seen with high beams only. All Driving Lamps are extremely bright and must be dimmed with the high beams.