Our Best Collection of Hard Tonneau Covers

Hard tonneau covers will protect your cargo from theft and damage much better than any other type of tonneau cover. They are made with tough materials such as aluminum which are not easily dented or destroyed. What you get with a hard tonneau cover is peace of mind, knowing that your cargo is totally secure. This cover is therefore recommended for drivers who often carry valuable items at the back of their truck.
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There are different approaches to designing hard tonneau covers. Some companies manufacture them as folding covers which are folded in three parts that you lift to open it up. Other companies make hinged hard tonneau covers which have a single joint area at the front of the truck bed, and an opening handle near the tail gate which you can use to lift the cover and access the bed. The other type is the retractable hard tonneau cover which as the same suggest retracts on its own into the front side of the truck bed. Let us have a look at the best covers from each of these hard tonneau cover categories.

Extang Solid Fold Tonneau Cover

The Extang Solid Fold tonneau cover is made of aircraft grade aluminum alloy. This makes it a very light but hard tonneau cover to work with. Folding it up when accessing your truck bed should therefore be a quick and simple process. Installing the cover is also a straightforward procedure which only requires an easy to use clamping system and thus does away with the need for extra tools and machinery. On top of the lightweight aluminum is a black poly-tex paint finish that gives the cover a finished look and also shields it from UV rays hence maintaining this look for longer.
extang hard folding

Lund Genesis Elite Steel Tonneau Cover

Lund International is a tonneau manufacturer that has specialized in designing strong, durable hard tonneau covers. Their Genesis Elite Steel Tonneau cover is a great example of a quality hinged hard tonneau cover. It is made from galvanized steel which believe it or not weighs just as much as fiberglass. The cover works a lot like your hood since it comes with self rising pneumatic struts that not only support the cover when it’s open, but also take the hassle off your hands by lifting the cover automatically.
lund roll up

Pace Edwards Bedlocker Electric Tonneau Cover

The Pace Edwards Bedlocker is a retractable type of hard tonneau cover. Retractable covers are amongst my favorite tonneau covers since they have a very quick and easy operation method. This particular one has an additional feature you might love: a remote control mechanism. At the single click of a remote control device, you can have your truck bed open or close without lifting a single muscle. Given the aluminum material the Bedlocker Electric is made of, you will be saving enough energy by having a remote control option. The cover is composed of aluminum panels which fold into a canister at the front of the bed. These panels are hinged together by patented silicon hinges which ensure they are sealed tight against each other.

By: Sean Bowes
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