Off Road Mud Tires Four of the Best Manufacturers

Off Road Mud Tires: Four of the Best Manufacturers

Off road mud tires are amongst the most aggressive tires that you can purchase. They are made to combat extreme driving zones. Picture a 4x4 Jeep huddled up between a rock and hard place or basically two boulders facing each other. The key as to whether it is going to make it past that fix is how well the tires can endure the pressure and uneven surfacing between the rocks. This is why one of the major components that off road mud tire manufacturers look to include in their tire engineering approach is balance. Using automatic tire balance machines, off road mud tires are tested for static and dynamic balance before they hit the market. That’s what makes the difference between trusted and untrusted brands. 4wheelonline is the home of the best off road tire manufacturers on the planet. So we listed five of the most trusted manufactures in our directories for you to choose from.
<Mickey Thompson tires

Mickey Thompson

You have heard it said time and time again. Mickey Thompson is the greatest off road legend that ever lived. His legacy is marked by the numerous motorsport innovations he came up with and tested in live race situations. Mickey Thompson tires follow in the same innovative spirit and have been developed to grant excellence to off road racers. With six brilliant tire models in their off road tire category, Mickey Thompson stands out as one of the top off road tire creators in the industry. Their Baja Claw series in particular give enormous traction on mud trails while still producing the kind of performance that steers your truck faster towards the finish line.

Fuel Off Road

Fuel Off-Road produces a large assortment of wheels. But when it comes to tires, it has only one product to offer: the Fuel Off Road Mud Gripper. This monster tire has a unique mold that makes it reliable and particularly perfect to fit into your Fuel Off road wheels. The company’s logo was used as the template of the Mud Gripper’s lug shape. It therefore features a maze of F shaped blocks on the tread zone which chisel away at mud due to their sharp edges and corners. If what you are looking for is stable motion on muddy terrain, then the Fuel Off-Road Mud tire does the trick.
<MAxxis tires


The range of tires made by Maxxis includes passenger cars, motorcycle tires, trailer tires, truck/SUV tires and ATV tires. Its ATV and truck tires however carry the mantle as being the most capable to perform on muddy surfaces. The Maxxis Creepy Crawler, Bighorn and Trepador are the four Maxxis truck tires in particular stand out as the best off road mud tires. They have a rigid design with aggressive tread blocks and sharp shoulders. This is a clear difference from Maxxis ATV tires which have rounded shoulders and widely spaced out lugs.
<Mickey Thompson tires

Interco Superswamper

Ever thought of taking your off-road truck for a ride in a swamp? If you have, then Superswamper tires are the ideal tires to have on your wheels. These tires define rolling resistance on a whole new level. Their symmetrical tread pattern features irregularly shaped tread blocks that are long and wide to give a larger contact patch. The well spaced out tread blocks also protect the tire from hydroplaning by providing wide channels for passing out water to the side of the tire. Due to their excellent grip on slippery and wet surfaces, Superswamper tires make it on our list of the top four off road mud tires.

By: Sean Bowes
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