What are the Best Mudding Tires?

What are the Best Mudding Tires?

The Ladoga Trophy is a competition that is home to some of the toughest off-road mudding conditions on earth.
Off-roading through the vast heartland of North America is one of the great American traditions. Off-roading is also popular the world over. Actually, the largest off-road competition, The Ladoga Trophy, is found in the Leningrad region of Russia near the Ladoga Lake. It is a nine-day event with a 1200 kilometer (745 mile) route, and it happens at the beginning of every summer. The competitors that compete in The Ladoga Trophy are tested in a series of three stages that run through every possible terrain, including some of the toughest mudding areas in the world. The competitors in the Ladoga Trophy know that when it comes to off-road mudding, tires are very important. At 4wheelonline, we also know this and look forward to helping customers in any way possible.

Tread Pattern

One of the key aspects when looking for an off-road mudding tire is the tread pattern. Serious mudding requires a deeper tread pattern and more space between each tread. This allows for better traction in swampy conditions. One of the best off-road mudding tires offered is the Mickey Thompson Baja Claw. The Baja Claw’s tread is deeply engraved like many others, but its tread extends to the tire's sidewall to give better digging power. This advancement would be especially useful for those that get jammed up in the muddy swamps of Florida or in the snow-piled tundra of North Dakota.

The Mickey Thompson Baja Claw tire offers side tread to help with digging

The Super Swamper

Perhaps the best off-road mudding tire is the Super Swamper TSL Bogger. The Bogger offers some of the deepest treads and is a huge commodity in the ultra-aggressive swamping world. Actually, all of the tires on the Super Swamper line are respected for their ability to not only move mud but keep the tires clean as well. Having a well-designed tread pattern is an important factor in keeping the tread from getting clogged with mud and losing digging capabilities. The Super Swamper tires have some of the best tread designs. This tread design helps it to stay clean, dig deeper, and move more mud. Because of this, Super Swampers are known for their great mudding traction.
The Super Swamper Bogger has some of the deepest tread available and is sure to guarantee any off-road enthusiast. Note* not for STREET QUEENS

Directional Tires

For serious off-roaders, directional tires may also be another worthwhile investment. These tires have V-shaped tread that forces the water and/or mud to move outside and helps vehicles to avoid hydroplaning. However, directional tires can’t be rotated in the normal fashion. When rotating directional tires, drivers will want to make sure that they keep tires designed for the right side of the vehicleon the right side and those designed for the left side on the left. Also, drivers that use directional tires should stay aware of wheel alignment because it can become unbalanced if forgotten.

Ply Rating

Another important thing to consider when looking for the proper off-road mudding tire is the ply rating. The ply rating, which is usually branded on the tire’s side, is paired with a load range. The load range reflects the tire's strength. So, the further a tire is in the alphabet, the more weight it usually can hold. This is extremely important because if you have a higher body weight for your truck, you will want to have a higher ply rating. Of course, a tire’s ply rating is not the only factor to consider when looking for the proper tire. You will want to consider the tire size, the rubber compound, and the PSI as well. At 4wheelonlne, we offer comprehensive charts on each of our tire pages that organize all of this information and help customers find the tire that they need.

As you shop for a mudding tire that will put a pavement princess to shame, 4wheelonline will help with whatever questions that may occur. We offer comprehensive charts, a variety of products that will surely satisfy, and an online team that can answer any question.

By: Tim Snyder Google
Posted on May 10th, 2013
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