Motorcycle Security Should Never be Overlooked

Motorcycle Security Should Never be Overlooked

Motorcycle Security Should Never be Overlooked

truckOnly 25% of stolen motorcycles are recovered.

“Love is that feeling you get when you like something as much as your motorcycle,” Hunter Thompson, “Hells Angels.”

A good running, well-maintained motorcycle is sheer poetry when roads are clear of traffic and the weather feels just right. It is the perfect bond of man and machine. However, just like true love, there are those who seek to destroy it. Thieves, crooks and criminals wouldn’t think twice about rolling your bike on to their flat bed. If you don’t have anything protecting your motorcycle, you’re just making it easy for criminals to snag your motorcycle. Even children lock up their bicycles, so you need to do the same with your big boy bike.

Motorcycle Security Options

  • Heavy Duty Lock and Chain is the oldest form of locking up motorcycles. A thick, theft-deterrent chain and an anti-pick motorcycle lock are usually enough to stop a thief from even taking a second glance at your bike.

  • U-Locks are a great alternative to carrying around a heavy chain. They’re extremely tough, light and quick to secure. 

  • Disc Locks are easy to carry around and simply lock on your front disc brake that prevent your bike from rolling away with a new owner.


It Can Happen to You

The National Insurance Crime Bureau keeps tabs on how many motorcycles are stolen each year. In its latest analytical report estimates, there were 46,667 motorcycle thefts in the U.S. in 2011. Of those motorcycles only 25% were recovered. The most common states for motorcycle theft are California, Texas and Florida. Also, the most stolen motorcycles are Honda, Yamahas, Suzukis, Kawasakis and Harleys (in descending order from most to least). If you want to prevent your motorcycle from being another crime statistic, the smart thing to do would be to purchase some kind of theft-prevention.

By: Sean Bowes

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