Installing the Rockstar Hitch Mounted Mud Flaps

The Rockstar Hitch Mounted Mud Flaps are very important for a number of users to help protect against road debris. These are model specific mud flaps and will guarantee the best possible fit. They will contour to fit perfectly on the vehicle’s bumper and protect it from oncoming rocks and other roadside debris. These mud flaps are easy to install taking you only a few minutes. Some truck models may require additional steps for perfect installation.
Photo of hitch flaps

Gather the Tools Needed

Before you begin the installation process, you will need to gather all the tools required for installation. These tools are listed below:

9/16 inch box wrench

Torque Wrench with 9/16 inch socket

Utility knife

Straight edge

Protective eyewear
Photo of hitch flaps

Install the Clamps

After gathering all the necessary tools, prepare the clamps by inserting two long carriage bolts through the clamps and hold them in position using the flat washer, lock washer and nut. When done, orientate the flat surface of the clamp assembly with the backside of the frame. Make sure the nuts on the long bolts face down. Attach the clamps to the frame with the 4 short carriage bolts, flat washers and lock washers. Make sure the nuts are facing the vehicle and do not tighten the bolts just yet.

Install the Ball Mount and Rubber Flap

Slide the ball mount through the clamps and frame. Lift the assembly up, install the ball mount into the receiver tube, secure the pin and clip. If by any chance the ball mount holes do not align to allow the insertion of the pin or if the mud flap frame is not hanging straight, you may need to get a longer ball mount before proceeding.

Position the support flange on the bumper step and push the frame against the bumper till all the vinyl bumper caps are tight to the vehicle bumper. Finger tighten the short carriage bolts on the clamps assembly. At this point, make sure the frame is level with the bumper. Push the bumper step slightly downwards if it is not leveled. If it is leveled, tighten all the six bolts that had been installed earlier. Torque all these bolts to 32 ft. lbs.

Photo of hitch flaps
Bolt the rubber flap top the frame using the flat washers, lock washers and nuts. Tighten the nuts until the lock washers start to compress on the rubber flaps. After this is done, your mud flap will be fully installed and ready to take to the road.

By: James Langston
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