How to Clean a Performance Air Filter

How to Clean a Performance Air Filter

air filterCleaning your air filter can improve performance and fuel economy.
Everyone knows that gas is essential for a truck or car to function. Also, changing the oil every 3,000 miles is a must. But, many people overlook the air induction systems in their vehicle. It’s recommended that drivers change their air filter every 15,000 miles, but it’s an even better if you clean the filter more frequently than that.

Having a clean air filter allows your truck to have better circulation, and of course, better performance and fuel economy. If you want to start cleaning your truck’s air filter, here are a few tips.

Cleaning the Air Filter

The first thing that drivers need to do is find where the air filter is located. They are usually pretty easy to find, but if you’re having trouble, just check the owner’s manual. The air filters are usually found in a little canister that easily opens with a wing nut or a couple of clamps that can easily be removed. After that, the cleaning can begin.  

There are two different ways to approach cleaning your truck’s air filter: washing with a solution and water or vacuuming.

air filter washWashing an air filter is the best way to make sure your filter system is clean.

Washing an air filter is the best way to get it completely clean. The washing process can be completed in a few short steps.

  1. The first step to washing an air filter is tapping the air filter to get rid of any extra, loose dirt.

  2. The next step is applying a specialized solution and letting it soak for a couple of minutes. There are many solutions sold that are specifically designed to help drivers get their air filters clean.

  3. After a few minutes of letting the solution soak in, drivers should then use a low pressure water source to rinse out the air filter. Using a high pressure water source could tear the air filter and force drivers to buy a new replacement. Rinsing with low pressure water should always be done from the inside of the filter out to ensure that debris does not get caught in the filter.  

  4. After the washing is complete, it is extremely important that drivers let their air filter completely dry out. Placing a wet air filter back in the appropriate slot can actually end up damaging the vehicle’s engine. But as long as you wait for the air filter to dry, this process is the best for cleaning an air filter.

 For many people, vacuuming may be the best way to clean an air filter. Vacuuming is faster, easier, and still helps to keep an air filter fresh. However, this route will not get out all of the contaminants that washing would.

No matter the route you choose, cleaning an air filter will help your vehicle’s engine maintain performance and fuel economy. Learn more at 4WheelOnline

By: Tim Snyder
Posted on September 19th, 2013
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