Getting Bull Bars for Your Truck

Getting Bull Bars for Your Truck

Upgrading the exterior of your SUV or truck is a slow but steady process. When upgrading your truck, it’s only natural to style it up to look good and also to reflect you personality. Apart from improving the looks and portraying your personality, adding a bit of protection is also important especially for off road enthusiasts. When it comes to protection, bull bars provide you with the excellent and affordable ways to keep your truck safe.

What Are Bull Bars?

These are tubular structures that are fitted to the front end of the truck just underneath the grille. They run below the truck, past the front bumper to provide extra protection to the bumper and the skid plate to protect the engine from obstacles and debris you may encounter when off roading. Bull bars are perfect for protecting both the front part of the truck as well as other parts such as the radiator, bottom of the radiator, the transmission housing and other vehicle parts.

Should You Get Bull Bars?

Because of the level of protection bull bars add to the truck, they are ideal for any driver who spends a substantial amount of time on unpaved roads. Bull bars can be used when rock climbing or when heading to the hunting camp as they provide excellent protection to a number of truck accessories. Bull bars are also good for those who want a mean off road look even though they do not intend to leave the blacktop.

How to Choose One

Bull bars come in many shapes and sizes targeting different drivers depending on their needs. The two things to look at when considering a bull bar are their sizes and finish. The size to choose depends entirely on your truck and driving needs. Bull bars are usually custom made for each specific truck and you will need to go with the ones designed for your truck. The size you end up choosing depends on your specific truck and the environments it is driven on. If it is driven on harsh off road environments, a bigger bull bar is recommended.

The finish of the bar is another consideration that should not be ignored. The finish you select depends on your truck’s colour and the style you are going for. If you want a rugged and classy look, the chromed steel bars are perfect. For those who will be going off road, powder coated bars are recommended as they are very durable for such environments.

By: James Langston
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