Getting In Touch With the Different Categories of Tonneau Covers

When you have a job that require you to make maximum use of your truck bed, a tonneau cover becomes a must have accessory that you will want to carry around at all times. It makes the truck bed work like the trunk of any normal car giving the cargo inside complete protection. The need for tonneau covers has thus spawned an entire industry and a whole list of innovative tonneau cover designs. Let’s discuss some of the main designs that you are bound to find in the market today.
Bestop Roll up cover

Folding Covers

They operate by simply folding up to open or close your truck bed. Most folding tonneau cover in the market are made in a tri-fold design. This means that the tonneau cover has three folding pieces that are attached to each other on a hinged frame. The average tri fold folding cover is made of ABS material, aluminum, vinyl or fiberglass. Vinyl tri-fold covers are softer and lighter since they are made of fabric material.

To ease up installation, certain folding cover manufacturers such as Torza, sell preassembled covers. These tonneau covers only require quick clamping on the bed rail to function. Others such as Tonno Pro will require you to follow an installation manual to set up the cover’s side rails before placing it on the truck bed.
Ford f-250 with a metal cover

Retractable Covers

Retractable covers are easy to use and easy to maintain too. If you want to save the energy and time spent in folding up your tonneau cover, they will allow you to pull a strap and step back as you watch your cover slide back automatically. How neat is that? And to take the effort down a notch, Powertrax one have a retractable cover that can be operated wireless at the touch of a button. With their remote key fob, you could have your cover opening up before you even reach it or before you even exit the truck! The Pace Edwards Bedlocker also works using this kind of technology.

Roll Up covers

A Roll up cover is a very light weight cover that is normally made of vinyl material. Some manufacturers of roll up cover like to choose premium vinyl material for their covers to add an elegant feel. Others go the extra mile and use different materials all together such as the twill weave material found on Elite Lund Tonneau Covers. Since they function by being rolled out onto the bed, some models such as the Bestop EZ roll are fitted with roll bows to make rolling easier.
Blue chevy with roll up cover

Heavy Duty

The heavy duty category of tonneau covers consist of hard shell covers that basically work by either lifting them up or hooking them onto support struts just like the truck’s hood or removing them all together and placing them beside the car. Diamondback’s heavy duty covers have the most innovative operation technique. They are made to open at angles like doors hinged from the middle of the cover thus allowing access to one half the truck bed from either side of the truck. This allows you to automatically organize your cargo in different sections as opposed to keeping stuff at any random place. Other lifted tonneau covers normally open from the tailgate e.g. Undercover SE, Undercover Elite and Lund Genesis Elite Steel Cover.

By: Sean Bowes
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