Four Factors That Make Off Road Tires Perform Well

Four Factors That Make Off Road Tires Perform Well

As a driver who owns an off road vehicle with wheels that works equally well on all types of off road terrains, you may prefer to fit your wheels with tires that can work in all these environments as well. Our collection of off road tires includes the type of tires that can do the job equally well in all terrains. When it comes to mud trails and sandy terrain, you need to have enough features on the tire to keep you from slipping or dipping your wheels into sticky situations as well as maintaining their resistant against destructive elements that can puncture the tire.
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Tread Design

The tread design on Off Road tires is a design that allows ultra performance to be achieved any off road excursion. The Xtreme All terrain model from Pro Comp Tires for instance has irregularly shaped shoulder blocks that are able to cut through mud easily. They are however arranged in a uniform pattern against each other to maintain their noise reduction profile. The sipes on the sidewall offer additional against water streams to keep your tire traction high even when the road gets damp. On Pitbull tires however what you get is a more aggressive profile that features amorphous tread pattern that should provide maximum traction on wet trails.
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Every off road tire on 4wheelonline is built for maximum puncture resistance. The kind of obstacles encountered on off road surfaces may easily cut through a street tire but with the addition layers of material built into off road tires. Some firms patent their own construction technology which combines a variety of engineering elements to maximize the tire’s durability. Pitbull’s Tear It Up technology is a good example of this application of tire engineering tactics that also provides heat resistance to the tire.
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Many times, the abilities of one off road tire are set apart to fit one environment while making the tire less effective in other terrain. Various firms prefer to balance the features of each tire to cater for all environments, e.g. Nexen Tires and Pro Comp tires. Other off-road tire manufacturers prefer to separate the design of each tire to make it perform best in one terrain type. Mickey Thompson is one such manufacturer that separates its off-road tires from its street tire line ups. This allows the best performance on the intended driving surface but for anyone looking to use his vehicle on roads and off the road as well, you are limited to optimal performance on one terrain category alone.

By: Sean Bowes
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